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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Route 225 raw scan

As a testament to my efficiency with requests, here is the raw to the one-volume manga that Yamada!AD/TRAP/M6 requested 7 months ago. I received this 2 months ago from Mike, and just had it scanned and processed. I will translate this in January; on the bright side, it will be relevant to the anime adaptation of Hourou Musuko, which is drawn by the same artist, Shimura Takako. Since it's adaptation of a novel, Route 225 doesn't have LGBT issues that she's known for writing, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Since her watercolors are so light, I might have to rescan the color pages again on my flatbed. For now, this will do.

Route 225 raw scan 1600p filtered (IF)
Route 225 raw scan 1600p filtered (MU)

Noririn volume 2 will also come out in January, so these two will be the main focus of January. Jiya, the other request that I haven't dropped (sorry to whoever wanted Sin & Punishment and Change 123), and Kindaichi Case Files will follow after them in late January and early February, assuming that other volumes don't pop up. Pokemon Special 38 should come out in late February if I've got the hang of the schedule. I can see the ending (of my debt)!

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  1. Wow, awesome bro. No worries on the delay, it's nice to know that there was still even a copy in existence for you to scan in the first place. Many thinks!