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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nanika Mochigatte Masu ka ch 1

In my ongoing attempt to monopolize all current manga from Kitoh, I have started translating Nanika Mochigatte Masu ka for Animexis. This manga is about psychic powers, and yes, people do actually die in this manga. Next chapter has the first fatality, if I'm not mistaken.

By the way, this might be a bad thing for me to say as a translator, but I'm not entirely sure what the title means. "Mochigatte" isn't a verb or adjective conjugation of any kind. The official title is"Nanika Mochigatte", not "Nanikamo Chigatte", so that's out too. I'm guessing that it's a corruption of "machigau" (to be mistaken).

Anyways, go to Animexis to check it out. Kanapox tells me that the second joint project should be released soon as well.

(Oh, and I'm not planning to monopolize all Kitoh manga. Sorry, those who wanted me to translate Owari to Hajimari no Miles)


  1. cheers. personally i'm really looking forward to noririn though.

  2. Yay,i'm looking forward to the first fatality<3

  3. This manga is actually quite creepy. I read it off mangareader. I didn't know what it was about as there was no description, the only thing I knew was that it was tagged school life, sci-fi, seinen and super natural.
    I was just quite shocked when he killed the girl by accident but didn't really seem to care because he didn't know her. The only time he was worried about it was when it upset Tsurusato, which I found quite disturbing.