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Friday, December 24, 2010

Online Manga Downloader 0.0.2 (Now

Does everyone like to release on Christmas Eve/Day that much? I frequently refresh the latest releases on M^U, and release list on the 24th was twice as long as usual. I can't wait to see how long the list on the 25th will be.

My release for the 24th (lapsed into the 25th, but whatever) is more modest.

Edit (December 26th): Bug with GGOnline scraper fixed in

I made lots of changes and some more that I've forgot. Here are the major ones:
  • Club Sunday: Club Sunday scraping and downloading is now integrated with the downloader. That means about 300 chapters from 170 series/oneshots are added. Due to the way that I wrote my scraper, it's actually more efficient than the GanGan Online or the Yahoo! Comic scrapers; it takes about 30 seconds to scrape all of them, because it only gets 25 pages. Unfortunately, the other scrapers can't be optimized like it due to how their sites are organized.

    Nagato and I discovered a bug with his original PCViewer release. For the otk key to be correct for the chapter you're downloading, it has to be scraped from a page with the chapter on it. This version of OMD has corrected for that, so all of the Club Sunday releases it lists should be correct (tell me if it doesn't!). If you insist on using, change the line with "htmlurl" to use an URL with that chapter you're downloading.

  • Internal editor: Since there's so many new series, I doubt that I'll ever add all of them to series.yml, which gives extra information such as translated name and M^U ID. Thus, I added an editor in the client itself. You can add the information without going into series.yml.

    There's an extra option under Preferences that allows you to submit your information to me. More specifically, to my new backup site. There's nothing there but the submission script and DB, so don't go there unless you want to give me your IP.

    However, since I log your IP to protect against spammers (I feel overcome by a sense of irony), it's not enabled by default so you don't accidentally give me your IP.

  • Preferences: Now you can enable/disable the automatic update check and the aforementioned submission option, and change the download directory.

  • YAML: The download list is now in YAML instead of serialized Java objects so we don't get any version mismatches or anything. The code for loading YAML is pretty ugly, though.
The code is now on github, so go there if you want the source.

Online Manga Downloader (4SH)

Regarding my scanlation releases, I'll most likely skip Our Alliance ch 2 for now and come back to it after I finish Pokemon Special 37 after New Years, along with RR 15 and Fractale 4 (the last one I'll do).


  1. hey man left this running on my laptop while I was afk and came back to find my laptop fan going full blast. I have a feeling the program is wasting CPU cycles somewhere and that needs to be patched up lest some real damage occurs because of it.

  2. I'm pretty sure it's not CPU, since it doesn't do anything while it's idle. But, it's Java, so blame Su...I mean, Oracle.

    It does eat up an obscene amount of memory (100-200MB), though. I'll profile it later. It's most likely caused by the badly written code I wrote for serializing to/from YAML.

  3. Oh, and I probably use too many maps.

  4. you might have some loose loop or leaky code somewhere that would be wasting cycles, its gotta be doing that if my CPU fan is whats spinning up while the program runs idle.

  5. Sorry, didn't find any. Are you sure that it's this program? Try repeating the result, and give me a solid way to replicate what you did.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I'll try to replicate the problem tonight. I'm pretty sure it was this program as my fan spun down immediately after closing it.

  8. If it's not too much trouble, could you also add Famitsu Comic Clear?


  9. Thank you a lot for doing this program!
    I can download 0001 of 超弩級少女4946 from Club Sunday, but I get a 'Download Error' when I try 0020 or 0021.

    Any chance of adding Comic High!'s webcomics?

  10. Try Manually Refresh (just Club Sunday is fine). This error has to do with how it's getting the otk key right now. I'll try to make it more robust next release.

    I'll look into Comic High and Famitsu

  11. Thank you! That took care of the problem.