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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

7o3x ch 2

The series is just so difficult to edit. Because of that, I will not redo all of the pages with tank raws when they come out.

7o3x ch 2 2400p (IF)
7o3x ch 2 2400p (MU)
7o3x ch 2 2400p (4SH)

7o3x ch 2 1200p (IF)
7o3x ch 2 1200p (MU)
7o3x ch 2 1200p (4SH)

7o3x ch 2 PSD source (IF)
7o3x ch 2 PSD source (MU)


  1. A school life... seinen? School life in Japan must really suck if people read about it after high school. Unless it was about college, which we can tell it's not by the thumb you displayed. Has anyone gone to school in Japan? Does it really suck so bad over there that it caused about half of all the manga to be about some fantastical school life rarely anyone ever leads? Seeing as how all those Asians are jumping off buildings or in front of trains, I'm guessing life in general sucks there.

  2. Thanks for the chapter again! Looking forward to the next =)

  3. wow, this series has a great potential as Bakuman, hope to see it goes far... However i cant find any info about it... little help?

  4. Not much further info to post (besides what's on M-U), since there's only 2 chapters currently out in Japan. I'm eagerly awaiting chapter 3 though, hopefully it'll come in january =p

  5. @the first comment: well, school-life in some asian countries are generally more stressful and competitive, with more emphasis on academic performance. hence the many jokes about asian parents, specifically mothers (just see youtube) making a big fuss about their children not scoring an A in their tests/exams

    i just started reading this manga. it's pretty entertaining so far! thanks for picking this up.