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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pokemon Special BW ch 02

Surgeon General's warning: repeated exposure to Munna's dream eating has not been tested and may cause various health problems.

Pokemon Special BW ch 02 2400p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 02 2400p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 02 2400p (4SH)

Pokemon Special BW ch 02 1200p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 02 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 02 1200p (4SH)

Pokemon Special BW ch 02 PSD source (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 02 PSD source (MU)


  1. Hello and thanks for the chapter.
    i'm the administrator of a french pokemon scanlation team (yakusu-eizo).
    We want to know if we can use your pokemon translation and raw for a french translation.
    You do a really good joob.

  2. I think that you can, that's why he always puts his PSD sources on each post.
    Thanks a lot /a/non!

  3. This is great

    But why exactly are you using Pokabu? The English name "Tepig" has already been revealed...

  4. Maybe it would be strange to have a mix of English and Japanese names in the same chapter.

  5. Haha... It kinda reminds me of my ugly comics xЪ

  6. Yaaay! And I am so glad you are using the Japanese names for the Pokemon...I just can't get used to "Tepig", "Pokabu" sounds much, much cuter.

    Thank you so much for your high-quality scanlating! And also because this sereis is such an awesome one. thank you!!!

  7. I agree with sakurahanami.
    Anyways, been a long time stalker of this blog.
    Btw, I've been using your scans for manga colorings, hope you don't mind, but if you do, I would be willing to take 'em down.

  8. Thanks for the chapter

  9. I don't own the copyright for my work and therefore I cannot dictate what you do with what you download from me. I would not go to the trouble of uploading if I wanted to control what people do with it.

    I'll keep all names in Japanese for the sake of consistency unless the translation is really obvious, such as Burakku=Black, Howaito=White, and Torunerosu=Tornelos.

    I liked /v/'s "Pignite" better, though.

  10. ahahahahaha. black and his munna is beginning to remind me of bossun and his goggles from sket dance.