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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pokemon Special BW ch 02 and Pokemon Special HGSS ch howshouldIknow raws

So I sat down today, and stared emptily at my "Scanlations" folder. I thought, "What was I going to translate today again? Oh yea, it's monthly Pokemon Special. I still haven't scanned it yet, huh. Here are the raws to this month's BW and last month's HGSS. I will not translate the HGSS chapter due to time constraints and lack of interest. Nevertheless, these raws are unfiltered 600 dpi A+++ WOULD BUY AGAIN-grade stuff, so someone else could do it.

Pokemon Special BW ch 02 raw (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 02 raw (MU)

Pokemon Special HGSS ch IDK raw (IF)
Pokemon Special HGSS ch IDK raw (MU)

Not to rip you guys off, but I had to order it from Amazon this time, because fujisan takes a while to ship the first issue. Since I ordered it along with this month's Young Ace (the fujisan shipment for that wasn't going to make it to my apartment in time before I left for the break), the cost is the total ($57.36) divided by 2 = $28.68. Fujisan shipments starting from next month should cost $17-18.

Shogaku Yonensei is actually a bad magazine to order from Amazon, since the manga portion is just a small booklet tucked into a regular-size magazine. In retrospect, I should've waited until had it available. After I ordered from Amazon, a cousin in Taiwan told me that having the magazine shipped to him (domestic shipping to convenience stores is free for many Taiwanese online retailers) then mailed to me might be cheaper, though I'm not sure that I want him to see this magazine. This is the kind of magazine his daughter would be reading.


  1. While I personally have no use for RAWs (yet), I still think this deserves a THANK YOu, so THANK YOU~ I'll skip for the BW chapter 02 immediately now *A*

  2. sorry but when u got time i would like to read the HG/SS arc in english, because its the only place i could find it @_@

  3. If you have infinite money for me to build a time machine to go to the past to get the issues or to the future to get the tanks, sure.

    Even if these mythical magazine issues that are only written on scrolls found on Amazon Japan do still exist, it will cost an absurd amount to purchase and ship them. Sorry, wait for the tanks.

  4. /a/non, here is what I could do:

    Thank you very much for these raws!