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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pokemon Special vol 37 raw

Since unprocessed raws aren't very useful for reading, raws will be processed before released for public from now on. Unprocessed raws are only given if you contact me (and have valid reasons).

Pokemon Special vol 37 raw (1600p + leveled) (IF)
Pokemon Special vol 37 raw (1600p + leveled) (MU)

Share: (一般コミック) [日下秀憲×山本サトシ] ポケットモンスター☆SPECIAL 第37巻 (自炊).rar 117,757,333 02038795d7179eb962576cb1a8ead0a724c584c0

PD: file (一般コミック) [日下秀憲×山本サトシ] ポケットモンスター☆SPECIAL 第37巻 (自炊).rar ポケスペ ポケモン 117,757,333 e326d23a9bea68b9366f0cf6433c9d36ba5e7064008fbc6c138c253db4b9f95d


  1. Yaaay~ Thank you! First step done. Now I'll patiently wait for the scanlation. You are awesome, you know that?

  2. you are awesome!!!!
    omg thank you very much.
    actually i had a really bad day today,
    but this cheers me really up >__<
    have a nice start in your week <33

  3. So do you plan on uploading raws for the other series you're doing? Ryuushikia Ryuushika in particular.

  4. Raws used to be on the MF folder. I was thinking of putting them on the 4shared folder, but I have a total size limit, so I decided not to. I'll usually give you any chapter you want if ask me.

    Regardless, Ryuushika Ryuushika is serialized online in GanGan Online, which is available for free online.

    Finally, all of the chapter raws are on Perfect Dark, if you can use that. I don't usually upload raws that are already on a public channel like Share and Perfect Dark, including RR, Fractale, Kindaichi, Noririn, Our Alliance, and Kaibutsu Oujo. Raw sources are detailed on the Projects and Downloads page.