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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 391 release, Kaibutsu Oujo ch 59 raw

Game Freak should really hire Kusaka for game design. It befuddles me that the manga frequently gets better ideas, although that may just be because Game Freak doesn't have the creative liberty that Kusaka gets.

Pokemon Special ch 391
Pokemon Special ch 391 PSD source

Meanwhile in Japan, Kaibutsu Oujo just seems to never run out of zombie arcs.

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 59 raw

In other news, a new Kaibutsu Oujo OVA was just announced (well, fine, announced about 2 weeks ago). Since it won't be broadcasted, the OVA will probably be more gratuitous with its violence than the TV series. Volume 12 coming out on July 9th has more details.

Also, following this post, I shall be escaping the countr-, er, taking my vacation. I'll still finish Pokemon Special vol 35 and possibly Hoshi no Samidare ch 63 if it doesn't get translated during my 12 hour flight (YK Ours came out early yesterday, so it's probably being scanned as we speak), and post Kaibutsu Oujo scripts, but release time will still be unstable until around early August.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 46 release, ch 48 script

Taking a break from the regular Pokemon Special, though Parkinson's Law seems to have taken a toll on my productivity

FTH wraps up with the longer-than-usual zombie arc.

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 46 via FTH

Meanwhile, here's the script to the first part of the inevitable "The Shining" adaptation. I'm surprised that they didn't explicitly copy "Here's Johnny!".

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 48 English script (MF)
Kaibutsu Oujo ch 48 English script (pastebin)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 390

Back to Dia for the next 4 chapters. And I was beginning to wonder what happened to the Poketches they were wearing, too.

Pokemon Special ch 390
Pokemon Special ch 390 PSD source

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 389

The mystery deepens with Pearl's findings.

Pokemon Special ch 389
Pokemon Special ch 389 PSD source

Speaking of which, I hear that the D/P and Platinum arcs are being continued through the volumes, since they were cut off due to the magazine switch that the series undergone a few months ago. That explains the awfully short chapter list, though it widens our gap with the running series yet again. Damn it

Because I took two and a half days for this longer-than-usual chapter, I'm behind by one day. However, since my internet access is guaranteed, I'll be taking advantage of my jet lag to finish the volume.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 388

Ah, finally, a proper battle. PvP is just that much better than PvE.

Pokemon Special ch 388
Pokemon Special ch 388 PSD source

Pokemon Special ch 387

The build-up to the battle. One thing I love about this manga is how it uses the game's basic plot to create a more complex, better story. For example, Platina has to ask Candice for permission, like in the original game, so she goes to fights her. After the fight (minor spoilers), Platina recruits Candice (and Maylene) in helping to protect Lake Acuity. That's how the author sets up to the Lake Acuity battle. It's unique, yet somehow sticks to the framework. That's probably why Yellow and Emerald arcs felt so weird, because most of those two arcs were original.

Pokemon Special ch 387
Pokemon Special ch 387 PSD Source

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 386

We finally shift back to Platina. Not much to speak of this chapter, though Platina's skiing skills reminds me of myself.


Pokemon Special ch 386
Pokemon Special ch 386 PSD source

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hoshi no Samidare (56-)62

This chapter was technically done back on June 2nd (and updated recently to be more consistent with other translators), as observers of my Mediafire folder can tell you, but I didn't really want to piss Otakami off. Now that it's about 2 weeks away from the ending, I'll open this up and trust you guys will keep this as a secret.

I don't remember very well, but it probably happened like this:

That was how I was suckered into scanlating these two chapters of Hoshi no Samidare (a.k.a. Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer) . I don't read the series itself; I read two volumes and was unimpressed. However, this series is pretty popular on /ɐ/. Give it a try, you might find something in it that I didn't.

Anyways, 62 is supposedly the penultimate chapter of the series. This is an under-the-table release for enjoyment but not release, so it won't appear on Mangaupdates and any online manga readers (Read: DO NOT RE-UPLOAD). For one, my styling isn't consistent with Otakami's. Second, believe it or not, I have a personal code for taking over manga scanlations, and Otakami doesn't violate it. They are pretty slow group, but it's not ">100 days since the last release on the series" slow, unlike groups such as Kotonoha.

Hoshi no Samidare ch 62v2
Hoshi no Samidare ch 62v2 PSD source

Since people who haven't read 62 anywhere probably haven't read 56-61 either, here is a bulk package, brought to you by Zxvwt!tal9.QIZDc tripfriend (56-59), izumiisthebest (60-61), and yours truly (62).

Hoshi no Samidare ch 56-62v2 (MF)
Hoshi no Samidare ch 56-62v2 (MU)

Alright, back to your regular Pokemon Special today.

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 47 script

This chapter's script was longer than most other chapters, at 580 lines, even without doing the omake. Well, I can't translate all of the pop culture references very well, and FTH didn't do the last one, so I skipped it.

The weird future/alternate dimension side storyline begins this chapter. Although it doesn't affect what happens to Hime and gang in the canon universe, it's an interesting look into the future.

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 48 English script (pastebin)
Kaibutsu Oujo ch 48 English script (MF)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 385

Awww yea, getting started on Pokemon Special vol 35. Actually, "getting started" doesn't show how urgent the situation is. It's truly "running like fuck", because I have to finish this volume and 2 more KO scripts before July, when I'll be going back to Taiwan. I won't have a steady internet access there at my family's new apartment as far as I know, but I'll be visiting my local McDonald's to make sure you guys get the next Kaibutsu Oujo script. Independent scanlations will be paused. Just hold on till August, then I'll finish Cyber Blue up with volumes 3 and 4.

Back to Pokemon Special, this chapter was strange to translate because only Pearl talked. It just feels different to have no real conversation, but just this guy talking to himself and his pet. Feels like real life, man ;_;

I also did something that my few friends can say is uncharacteristic of me, by plagiarizing. Relax, it's the summary of the story thing at the beginning of the volume. There's only so many ways to make my translation differ from Chuang Yi's translation from vol 32, so I thought that I might as well copy two paragraphs from it.

Pokemon Special ch 385
Pokemon Special ch 385 PSD source

In other news, the Japanese have finally started to scan Mudazumo again. They released a near-perfect raw of vol 4 over Perfect Dark one day after I release my scanlations, just to spite me and my retries at scanning it.

Grudges aside, I hope they start releasing running raws again. Japan is only ahead of us by a few chapters (Koizumi is going to moon now), so it isn't too bad of a jump.

Mudazumo vol 4 perfect raws (from Perfect Dark)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mudazumo vol 4 release

Alright, here's the volume release, renumbered and nicely packaged. The 320MB PSD source bundle is still uploading.

The changes are only typos and translation mistakes, no graphics changes.

Mudazumo vol 4 [DerpScans][anon]
Mudazumo vol 4 (27-31.5) PSD source [anon]

Mudazumo ch 31.5: Putin 1989

The last spin-offs, omakes, etc. in the volume. It seems that Ohwada put a HnK mini-chapter in here just to remind me to get back to translating Cyber Blue (which I will do in August).

Mudazumo ch31.5 + omake
Mudazumo ch31.5 + omake PSD source

The volume release will be released later today because it's unusually large at 160MB. I packed it with DerpScans's particularly hi-res releases of 24-26. Personally, I think that 300 dpi is enough, but I won't change any of his releases other than renaming them to be aligned with the volume page numbers.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Mudazumo ch 31

This chapter probably breaks my previous high score of translator notes, but there's so many references that it literally can't be helped.

The setting for the next volume is set: Koizumi's training arc and Hitler vs. Rommel. Sadly, this is the last major chapter of this volume. There's still Putin's spin-off and 2 omakes at the end of the volume, so Pokemon Special has to wait one more day.

Mudazumo ch 31

Mudazumo ch 31 PSD source

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mudazumo ch 30

Today's chapter cools down from the hotblooded action of the previous chapters, but on the plus side, you get to learn about quantum mechanics and mahjong, and how Hitler incinerated the Pope. Next chapter will pick things up again...but then, other than the 12-page Putin spin-off, the volume ends there.

Mudazumo ch 30
Mudazumo ch 30 PSD source

In other news, Mangaupdates removed their download links. I figured they would do it someday, but I was confused for a few seconds while filling out the usual form

Error: Oops, "Schrodinger" is mispelled as "Schrondinger"

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 46 script

How dare I release a script ahead of time!

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 46 English script (pastebin)
(I just realized that this appears in the "recent scripts" sidebar to the left. Whatever)
Kaibutsu Oujo ch 46 English script (MF)

Last chapter's script rough draft had not one, but TWO errors for the price of one! First, the zombie brother in the suit is actually Salieri, back from ch 45. The brothers are all the same once they're dead, anyways. Next, Duncan is actually Duken. I imagined an "n" in there, just because it made more sense as an English/German name. Both of these shouldn't affect today's release.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pokemon Special vol 35 Raw

Wow, that took quite a while to scan. The pages may be a bit more tilted than usual, because it's hard to compensate for that 3mm gap, but I assure you that the pages aren't cropped off.

At the fastest, I'll get started on this volume next week, since I have 3 Mudazumo chapters + 1 KO script to do, and today is completely booked.

Pokemon Special vol 35 raw (unfiltered)
Pokemon Special vol 35 raw (1200h)
Pokemon Special vol 35 raw (1200h, sharpened, dpi set to 72)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mudazumo ch 29

This chapter and the next is just a lot of talking, but sets the foundation for the next arc: Koizumi's training and Hitler vs. Rommel

Mudazumo ch 29

Mudazumo ch 29 PSD source

Edit: With the help of a fellow /a/non, I figured out that "Grani" is supposed to be "Vingskornir":
"There mayst thou behold | the maiden helmed,
Who forth on Vingskornir | rode from the fight;
The victory-bringer | her sleep shall break not,
Thou heroes' son, | so the Norns have set."

Will be fixed in volume

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mudazumo vol 4 Scans v2

Finally, after scanning for countless hours, here's the perfected version of the raws. Pages are not cropped off, the cover has more correct colors, etc. While the previous version is fine for reading, this is the version to use for scanlating and other shenanigans

Mudazumo vol 4 raws v2
Mudazumo vol 4 raws v2 (1200h)
Mudazumo vol 4 raws v2 (1200h, sharpened, dpi set to 72)

Mudazumo ch 28

I just realized (after doing a few pages of this chapter) that my scans were cut off because the scanner has a 3 mm margin around its scan area that it doesn't actually scan. Dammit, Epson, what the hell. I know that there are notches are the scan area, but what's the point of having that extra 3mm if it isn't scanned? I'll have to go back and scan it ALL AGAINNFNKGFNDSKLgskndsagklnas

Anyways, here's the chapter. Page 114 may or may not be a reference, but I swear that the translation is literal.

Mudazumo ch 28
Mudazumo ch 28 PSD source

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mudazumo ch 27

This chapter was complicated by the fact that my scans were cut off, so the resolutions in this release are all screwed up. I'll have to redo the whole volume again, much to my delight. I promise that I shall manually set the scan rectangle to 128x182 mm in the future

Anyways, enjoy the chapter. I just realized how incredibly racist DBZ was.

Mudazumo ch 27
Mudazumo ch 27 PSD source

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 44 release, ch 45 script

Heh, it seems that I'm either too overly ambitious as well, or just too lazy. Anyways, more zombies in 44

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 44 release

Duncan finally gets introduced in 45. As of the ch 58 raw, no other siblings are introduced, so he's the last one. Or rather, he's the first one, because he's the oldest of them all

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 45 English Script

Mudazumo vol 4 Scans

Awwww yea, 220+ pages of awesome. Includes ch 24-31, Putin's spin-off ("Putin - 1989") and some special omake at the end, even though I'm only planning to translate ch 27-31 and Putin 1989.

Again, the license is NO ATTRIBUTION LICENSE. Don't thank me. Seriously, don't

Mudazumo vol 4 raw (1200h)
Mudazumo vol 4 raw (unresized)

EDIT: These scans are slightly cut off to the left of the scan. I'm redoing them as I write...

Oh, and I guess I didn't mention it last time: Cyebr Blue 3 will be suspended until August because of Mudazumo 4, Pokemon Special 35 and an one-month vacation. I might get a few chapters in after those two, but that's assuming if I don't do Sin & Punishment, which might be a good assumption, since I was so foolish that didn't get the TL's e-mail.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Cyber Blue ch 15, vol 2

After 15 out of about 32 chapters, we finally get to meet an elder. Blue, though, has an out-of-character "Just as keikaku" moment.

Cyber Blue ch 15

Cyber Blue ch 15 PSD source

The volume release contains no changes.

Cyber Blue vol 2

In other news, I've finally begun to scan Mudazumo vol 4, after having my scanner break down on me and getting a new one. With a special spin-off chapter starring only Putin, I can guarantee that the 6 yet-untranslated chapters will be awesome. Since DerpScans is looking for a job to support his back issue purchases, don't mind me if I translate vol 4.

On a related note, while scanning Mudazumo 4, I realized that I made a horrible mistake when I scanned Pokemon Special 34: I didn't use the descreen filter. That results in a moire pattern on certain textures, like Dia's hat on this page.

Nevertheless, it doesn't happen often enough in Pokemon Special to warrant a redo. The textures in Mudazumo are more susceptible to this, though.

Pokemon Special 35 will be scanned after Mudazumo 4, and translation will start about a week or two from now. Next release is KO 45 script, then Mudazumo ch 27.

Edit: Cyber Blue 3 will be resumed after my vacation, so around August at the very least.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cyber Blue ch 14

Damn PlanetES 1080p release, making me procrastinate...

I found this chapter rather comedic. Notice all of the facial expression in the chapter, especially Blue's, as he's usually emotionless.

Cyber Blue ch 14
Cyber Blue ch 14 PSD source

Starting this chapter, SFXs will be translated with the help of the SFX database by the Jaded Network. SFXs were always my Achilles' heel, so this is a tremendous help. I recommend this for other translators as well, though please use it with common sense.

On an unrelated note, Pokemon Special 35 and Mudazumo 4 would've arrived today, but I missed the mailman, since it's an express mail that requires a signature. I don't quite understand why I have to wait an entire day to pick up the parcel, but whatever, I have to finish Cyber Blue vol 2's last chapter before I can tackle them anyways.