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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hoshi no Samidare (56-)62

This chapter was technically done back on June 2nd (and updated recently to be more consistent with other translators), as observers of my Mediafire folder can tell you, but I didn't really want to piss Otakami off. Now that it's about 2 weeks away from the ending, I'll open this up and trust you guys will keep this as a secret.

I don't remember very well, but it probably happened like this:

That was how I was suckered into scanlating these two chapters of Hoshi no Samidare (a.k.a. Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer) . I don't read the series itself; I read two volumes and was unimpressed. However, this series is pretty popular on /ɐ/. Give it a try, you might find something in it that I didn't.

Anyways, 62 is supposedly the penultimate chapter of the series. This is an under-the-table release for enjoyment but not release, so it won't appear on Mangaupdates and any online manga readers (Read: DO NOT RE-UPLOAD). For one, my styling isn't consistent with Otakami's. Second, believe it or not, I have a personal code for taking over manga scanlations, and Otakami doesn't violate it. They are pretty slow group, but it's not ">100 days since the last release on the series" slow, unlike groups such as Kotonoha.

Hoshi no Samidare ch 62v2
Hoshi no Samidare ch 62v2 PSD source

Since people who haven't read 62 anywhere probably haven't read 56-61 either, here is a bulk package, brought to you by Zxvwt!tal9.QIZDc tripfriend (56-59), izumiisthebest (60-61), and yours truly (62).

Hoshi no Samidare ch 56-62v2 (MF)
Hoshi no Samidare ch 56-62v2 (MU)

Alright, back to your regular Pokemon Special today.

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