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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 387

The build-up to the battle. One thing I love about this manga is how it uses the game's basic plot to create a more complex, better story. For example, Platina has to ask Candice for permission, like in the original game, so she goes to fights her. After the fight (minor spoilers), Platina recruits Candice (and Maylene) in helping to protect Lake Acuity. That's how the author sets up to the Lake Acuity battle. It's unique, yet somehow sticks to the framework. That's probably why Yellow and Emerald arcs felt so weird, because most of those two arcs were original.

Pokemon Special ch 387
Pokemon Special ch 387 PSD Source

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  1. Yeah, what I always love is how seemingly faithful and yet at the same time original Kusaka can be when adapting certain game situations into the manga plot. For instance, it was just a whole lot of fun during the G/S/C arc when we got to see certain story beats such as how Green became the Viridian Gym Leader; it's like in the games we know he took over Giovanni's spot but we don't see the process or anything. Anyways, thanks for taking the hard work out to scan and translate Pokemon Special! :D