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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cyber Blue ch 14

Damn PlanetES 1080p release, making me procrastinate...

I found this chapter rather comedic. Notice all of the facial expression in the chapter, especially Blue's, as he's usually emotionless.

Cyber Blue ch 14
Cyber Blue ch 14 PSD source

Starting this chapter, SFXs will be translated with the help of the SFX database by the Jaded Network. SFXs were always my Achilles' heel, so this is a tremendous help. I recommend this for other translators as well, though please use it with common sense.

On an unrelated note, Pokemon Special 35 and Mudazumo 4 would've arrived today, but I missed the mailman, since it's an express mail that requires a signature. I don't quite understand why I have to wait an entire day to pick up the parcel, but whatever, I have to finish Cyber Blue vol 2's last chapter before I can tackle them anyways.

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