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Friday, June 4, 2010

Cyber Blue ch 15, vol 2

After 15 out of about 32 chapters, we finally get to meet an elder. Blue, though, has an out-of-character "Just as keikaku" moment.

Cyber Blue ch 15

Cyber Blue ch 15 PSD source

The volume release contains no changes.

Cyber Blue vol 2

In other news, I've finally begun to scan Mudazumo vol 4, after having my scanner break down on me and getting a new one. With a special spin-off chapter starring only Putin, I can guarantee that the 6 yet-untranslated chapters will be awesome. Since DerpScans is looking for a job to support his back issue purchases, don't mind me if I translate vol 4.

On a related note, while scanning Mudazumo 4, I realized that I made a horrible mistake when I scanned Pokemon Special 34: I didn't use the descreen filter. That results in a moire pattern on certain textures, like Dia's hat on this page.

Nevertheless, it doesn't happen often enough in Pokemon Special to warrant a redo. The textures in Mudazumo are more susceptible to this, though.

Pokemon Special 35 will be scanned after Mudazumo 4, and translation will start about a week or two from now. Next release is KO 45 script, then Mudazumo ch 27.

Edit: Cyber Blue 3 will be resumed after my vacation, so around August at the very least.

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