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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 391 release, Kaibutsu Oujo ch 59 raw

Game Freak should really hire Kusaka for game design. It befuddles me that the manga frequently gets better ideas, although that may just be because Game Freak doesn't have the creative liberty that Kusaka gets.

Pokemon Special ch 391
Pokemon Special ch 391 PSD source

Meanwhile in Japan, Kaibutsu Oujo just seems to never run out of zombie arcs.

Kaibutsu Oujo ch 59 raw

In other news, a new Kaibutsu Oujo OVA was just announced (well, fine, announced about 2 weeks ago). Since it won't be broadcasted, the OVA will probably be more gratuitous with its violence than the TV series. Volume 12 coming out on July 9th has more details.

Also, following this post, I shall be escaping the countr-, er, taking my vacation. I'll still finish Pokemon Special vol 35 and possibly Hoshi no Samidare ch 63 if it doesn't get translated during my 12 hour flight (YK Ours came out early yesterday, so it's probably being scanned as we speak), and post Kaibutsu Oujo scripts, but release time will still be unstable until around early August.


  1. One little question : Do you have the RAW of the chapters not in volume for Pokemon Special ?
    Thanks for you hard work.
    For Princess Ressurection, i will wait for french release. (we have 9 volumes out. ^^)
    For Hoshi no Samidare, good luck too. :D

    PS : Do you will try the volume 33 for Pokemon Special ?
    I don't remember if you already answered this question, sorry. -_-

  2. Yay! I've been looking for PokeSP!
    Thank you and good job on it!
    It's really nice to found out there's a decent scan for Pokemon Special instead of Pokemon Adventures *hates english version of PokeSP*

  3. @ShiroiRyu: Unfortunately, no, I don't have running chapter raws for Pokemon Special. It's serialized in magazines for kids, so I can see why it doesn't get scanned...Although, the current magazine raws are on the HG/SS arc, so we'll have to wait for the volumes to get the D/P and Platinum arc chapters not in the magazines.

    It turns out that Chuang Yi only ships within Singapore, so this may end up more complicated than I would like.

  4. Thanks for the upload. It's indeed very awkward that the manga has a far better and more interesting storyline then the games themself have.
    Perhaps someone at Gamefreak will eventually realise this too and take it's ideas from the manga. :p