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Manga News and Resources

As a scanlator who often looks for new series, I use many resources to keep up with manga news.  Here are some of them:

Western scanlation:
  • Manga-Updates: Obvious.  The central hub of English scanlation
  • Ritual Scan Forge: "Heiji-sama" posts up-to-date info on new and future volumes, and uploads color pages of major magazine, frequently before the full scans come out
  • MangaHelpers - Otaku Shoten: The same guy also mirrors his posts here
  • MangaHelpers - New Manga Shout-out: Contributors provide summaries for series that are overlooked.  Updated every Monday.
  • Cover-Land: Mirrors volumes from Share and Perfect Dark to Megaupload
  • Raw-Scans: Some raws that may not be available on CL, Share or PD
  • Rawmanga: Yet more volume raws.  I think this guy contributes most of the volumes found on Share
Chinese scanlation:
  • Manga Announcement Area:  Chinese scanlation is decentralized, but this is the closest thing to a hub around.  Scanlation groups, not limited to (the big daddy of Chinese scanlation), posts there
  • Baidu - Tieba Boards: Baidu hosts boards, called "tieba".  If it's being scanned by the Chinese, you can bet that there's a tieba on the manga.  They obviously don't go by the English names, so you'll have to enter the Chinese name.  Also note that Baidu is Chinese government-owned, so each post is scanned for anything that may go against their censorship:
  • K3 - 2chan/4chan-style board for sharing manga (Japanese or Chinese scans)
  • TWBBS - Chinese equivalent for /a/ (link goes to manga board)
This calendar isn't completely current and doesn't take holidays into account, but should be accurate for most of the time: