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Thursday, July 1, 2010

How to use Share to get raws

This is a bit of an emergency tutorial, since I can't set up Share on my Taiwan connection for some reason.
  1. Go through this tutorial until the step when they setup the clusters. Clusters are basically categories you search for. For raws and tanks, the clusters you want are "コミック" (comic), "雑誌" (magazines), and "漫画" (manga). You can have up to 5 at a time, so you can put other stuff like "アニメ" (anime), "OST", etc.
  2. Go to Settings -> Plugins, click Add, and find "NodeKun.dll". Click Ok
  3. Update: Download and use this NodeKun plugin instead
  4. Go to Tools -> NodeKun, and fill it out like this
    They're trackers for connecting to other Share users (actually, they're encrypted IPs)
  5. Click on the bottom left button
  6. Go to the Nodes tab, click Connect
  7. Search stuff like "惑星のさみだれ", wait for it to show up
    Go to the Trigger tab, click Add Trigger, and add the info on the download (you don't have to add all of them, just the hash "98424a2978c58e3023fca0f86d68484260bb1607" is fine)
Experiment around with it, and ask any questions



    Is this right, bro?

  2. Yea, though I got it from several other helpful anons too. Thanks bro

  3. hey! i don't understand this!

  4. Uh, just ignore this. Share is a Japanese P2P program that is the fastest way to get new manga raws. I'll write up a better tutorial when I have time

  5. Thanks for the tip, I'll try it now.
    [Searching P&SwG manga RAW T_T]