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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I HAFF TVELVE SUBS (well, more like 1050 lines): Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva

So three days ago, I woke up to this leaked sub:

Then I realized what an incredible opportunity that was:
  1. A properly encoded video raw of the Professor Layton movie
  2. Not one, but TWO timed, incredibly accurate Chinese ASS subs
  3. Japanese VobSub subs as well
  4. A lot of free time
  5. Only 1050-ish lines, most of which are "Luke!", "Professor!", etc. That's about 3 or 4 standard Kaibutsu Oujo chapter scripts.
This was an opportunity that only happens once every, well, year, now that Team Layton announced that they're going to produce a movie every winter. Nevertheless, this was a fucking awesome chance.

Then I contacted my good friend dudebro. Since he's still all the way at the other side of the Earth, I could translate in the daytime while he proofreads and edits during my sleep. After two days, I'm proud to say that we've completed subbing Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva.

My reaction:

Anyways, I enjoyed this movie very much. If Team Layton and P. A. Works can make a movie like this every year, then I guarantee you that Chinese subbers will keep leaking it one week before the DVD is supposed to release.

Speaking of which, this sub couldn't have be done without Chinese subbing group SNOWRIN. Keep on leaking good raws!

And dudebro was essential to this sub too. I assure you, if he handled the proofreading of this blog, the quality of this post would increase many times over.

Without further ado, Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva:

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (muxed mkv torrent)
Note: dudebro accidentally put the Demonoid stub thing in. Please ignore it. The mkv is fine, we just included an extra file.

Professor Layton and the Eternal Diva (ASS subtitle file, compatible with [SNOWRIN][Professor ​_Layton​_and​_the​_Eternal​_Diva][DVDRip][BIG5​_GB​_JPN][480p][AVC​ _AACx2][E8D274FF].​mkv)

I didn't want to fill the movie with translators' notes, so here are some of the things you may notice:
  1. The translation is somewhat localized, especially in favor of conforming to the games. For example, "English gentleman" is changed to "true gentleman" or just "gentleman".
  2. The names were originally from Wikipedia, but once I realized that the writers of that article were full of shit, I replaced most of the names with the ones on ANN. The names not on ANN aren't important anyways, so if they're wrong, at least I can blame Wikipedia.
    Edit 2: Hmm, the actual OST and the record cover in the film say Jenis Quatlane instead of Jenice Caitly, making us even more confused as to which one is right.
  3. The commentary track is removed from the mkv, since it's 137 MB and has no value to the sub watcher. You can get it through the Chinese release listed above and on TT.
  4. The sub uses Legacy Sans Md ITC TT, but it's already embedded into the ASS, so you don't have to install it if you're using the Chinese release and our ASS.
    Edit: Oops, I guess we were blind or sleepy or something, because the styling doesn't work for the mkv. I guess attached fonts on the ASS don't work for the mkv. Anyways, if it bothers you, you can install the font to watch it the way we intended it.
Not to start a flame war, but I would recommend importing the UK dub, to be released in September. Like Hellsing, the British accent can't be replaced by any subtitle, no matter how fancy we make it. Well, if you can imagine the British accent, more power to you. Nevertheless it feels pretty strange to watch the movie with Japanese audio. The UK dub actors are really good in the games, so I'm definitely supporting them in September.


  1. Thanks for this guys, subbing on your own time. :)

  2. Thank you so much. It is perfect for a hot summer Sunday. Got to play the game again.

  3. Sweet! Thanks a lot for your hard work!

  4. Thank you sooo much for that great work! You are awesome!

  5. Would be nice if you guys can sub the first movie too..

  6. No, scratch that.. This is the first movie after all..

  7. Any chance of an English sub?

  8. That is an English sub, based off of the Chinese and Japanese subs.

  9. Okay trying not to sound like a total noob here but all these fancy shmancy terms like "ASS" (pardon my french) and "mkv" and "muxed" have got me more than a little confused :/ If I just want to download the movie with the subs on it do I download the torrent? And what's the difference between just downloading the torrent and downloading the two files, the subs and the raw movie?
    If anyone can help me out I'd be ETERNALLY grateful (see wut I did thur hurrhurrhur)
    Also of course THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the hard work! hugs and kisses :D

  10. I'm too lazy to download almost 1 GB file size from torrent.
    Any chance someone upload this at MU? Two file each ~500MB will do.

  11. @Dani: Uh, ASS is the format of the subtitle file (Advanced SubStation Alpha). mkv is the video (container) with the English subtitle "muxed", or added in.

    So yea, the first one contains the English subs. I offered the second download for openness and convenience to those who downloaded the Chinese raws first. Even VLC should be able to play the first one, but I recommend CCCP:

    @Omega: These aren't my links, but give them a try:

  12. I downloaded the torrent, and it plays fine, but there are no subtitles. Do you know what's happening and how I can fix this?

  13. MF link also great. Thank you for your help. Almost forget if MF link is easy to download. Will download this ASAP.

  14. When I click part 5 of the media fire download, it says it's invalid or deleted. D: Can someone re-upload it please?

  15. @lightshine: Uh, it could depend on your media player. It plays fine on VLC and Media Player Classic Homecinema with CCCP. Try those.

    @Tiffany: I'll try reuploading, though my internet here in Taiwan is slow, so it will take several hours if it's successful.

  16. Alright, here is part 5

  17. Thanks for explaining! I had had the same problem as lightshine but using CCCP made it work.

    Thanks so much for all your work, off to watch the rest of the movie. :)

  18. Glad to hear that it worked out for both of you :)

  19. I was trying to split this in two using Windows Movie Maker to put on Livestream since it just barely goes over the 1GB limit but then it loses the subs. Any idea how I could go about this?

  20. Er, it's not hardsubbed. Search how to hardsub with Avidemux (or most video editing software), which can split your video too.

  21. OMG, I wanted those english subtitles sooooo bad, thanks a bunch ;-)

  22. Oh God, those mediafire links.
    I downloaded all five parts... AND SUDDENLY mediafire tells me that I can't download the sixth part because it's NOT ON ANY AVAILABLE SERVER LOL!
    It's like that for some time now... can anyone reupload that sixth part?

    Also, thanks for this guys. I like Layton games, and I will be buying this movie when it gets released here in Poland.

  23. I downloaded the muxed .mkv file and the subtitles aren't showing up when I play the file.


  24. @Forte: Ah, I should have downloaded all of the rar parts, since I can't download it now either. I'll try uploading my own parts, though you would have to redownload the parts since they might not be compatible.

    @Zigman: Try the Combined Community Codec Pack:

  25. Try this part 6

  26. Ah, thanks! I had downloaded it, but forgot to install it. Thanks for subbing this. Will definitely check it out when it comes out in English.


  28. is there a chance for a re-upload of the files?
    none of them seem to work...(except for the MUs)

    ps. you've filled me with hope!!!
    I actually gave up my chances of seeing this awesome movie way back.

  29. Ehhhhh...can't you use the torrents?

  30. Wow thanks for the uploads! I watched it in the cinemas and this show is awesome!
    Anyhow, are the direct links the links to the muxed video?? The torrents are taking a long time so maybe i should just direct download 'em

  31. The .ASS file is set to private. Could you fix this?