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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Future Expectations: Q3 2010

It's nice to take a look at the big picture once in a while. Just what is the future of /a/nonymous scanlations?
  1. Hoshi no Samidare: As you all know (I hope), Hoshi no Samidare is serialized in Young King Ours, which releases every month on the 30th. However, since monthly magazines are 800-page bibles, it takes a day or two to scan, so chapter 64 raws will likely be released on Share around August 1-3. It just so happens that I have an important event in that time range, right after I return from my vacation. Even when taking in consideration time zone differences and early releases, it's very probable that chapter 64 will be delayed.
  2. Pokemon Special: Just when I thought I caught up with the volumes, volume 36 was announced for release on August 29th, 2010. Also, since iNet isn't making any moves, I'll probably import volume 33 too. As tempting as it is to import Chuang Yi's volume 33, differences such as naming and reading direction makes that bad choice.
  3. Kaibutsu Oujo: The margin between the raws and the English translations is now under 10 chapters! The plot starts accelerating, especially on chapter 55-57, so I'm looking forward to those.
  4. Cyber Blue: After much delay, both remaining volumes will be done in August.
  5. Mudazumo: Volume 5 hasn't been announced yet, nor are OVAs 4-6. I haven't had the chance to see if the uploader on PD has started uploaded chapters, though.
  6. Sin & Punishment: The translator never contacted me again, but I feel pretty confident about translating it now. Only the first few pages spam Kanji like nobody's business; the rest of the volume is actually fairly sparse in text.
  7. Upotte!!: I haven't forgot about this series, but since Animexis started releasing again, I'm dropping it.
  8. Route 225: An one-shot by Shimura Takako (Hourou Musuko, Aoi Hana) based on a novel by Fujino Chiya. More info will be given later.
  9. Himizu: Looking very likely, since the chapters are short and translated to Chinese.
The Q3 chart looks like this for regular scanlation:

Slot 1Pokemon Special 35Cyber Blue vol 3Cyber Blue vol 4 [END]Pokemon Special 33Pokemon Special 36
Slot 2VacationSin & Punishment vol 1 [END]Route 225 vol 1 [END](rest of) Himizu vol 2?
Slot 3Kaibutsu Oujo (ch 50-59)

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