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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 394, vol 35

Oh finally. And I was beginning to think that I wouldn't finish before the BRS/Haibane Renmei BD/Ga-Rei Zero BD onslaught this week.

Pokemon Special ch 394
Pokemon Special ch 394 PSD source

The volume release contains so many typo fixes that I might as well call it Pokemon Special 35.22: You Can (Not) Proofread.

Pokemon Special vol 35 (Edit Aug 7, 2010: apparently I can't make sure that my volume releases don't have extra shit in them)
Pokemon Special vol 35 v2
Pokemon Special vol 35 PSD source

Anyways, like I've said, vol 36 will be out in September, but I'll be sure to do vol 33 first. No wait, let me put that in a different font style.

I will be scanlating Pokemon Special volume 33.

One of my reasons for picking up Pokemon Special in the first place was that I couldn't keep watching entire volumes being skipped by the previous group. It would be silly if I did that myself, so as a...punishment of sorts, I will be doing vol 33.

Update: If you really can't wait for volume 33, you can read the Chinese scans here. I might ask them for the raw to save the hassle of importing, scanning and cleaning, but since I really want to finish Cyber Blue, Route 225 and Sin & Punishment, I'll still be scanlating volume 33 in September.


  1. Thanks, taking the volume~ :D

    (I didn't download the individual chapters cause I'm such a lazy bum. :p)

    Great to hear you're picking 33 up! :D

  2. god i love you.
    i cannot buy them in my country and i'm so happy i could eat you up.

  3. Did I ever mention how awesome you are? No? Well, you're awesome.

  4. I'm trying to download the volume, but it's not working for me on mediafire or megaupload. Mediafire wouldn't start and Megaupload stopped in the middle of downloading. Is there any way that it can be uploaded somewhere where I can download it without problems?

  5. Try this

  6. You made my day 6 times ^^
    Bookmarked :D