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Thursday, December 2, 2010

December 2010

Here's the tentative schedule for the rest of the year:

December 2010
Slot 1 Mudazumo Naki Kakikaku vol 5 (200 pages / 2 weeks = 100 pages / week) Pokemon Special vol 37 (200 pages / 2 weeks = 100 pages / week)
Slot 2
Slot 3 Ryuushika Ryuushika vol 1 extras (60 pages / 4 weeks = 15 pages / week)
Running Series Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan ch 4 (36 pages / month = 9 pages / week)
7o3x ch 2 (36 pages / month = 9 pages / week)
Pokemon Special BW (Shogaku Yonensei) ch 2 (20 pages / month = 5 pages / week)
Ryuushika Ryuushika ch 15 (12 pages / month = 3 pages / week)

Kaibutsu Oujo vol 13 scripts (30 pages / week)
Total Average Workload 171 pages / week 171 pages / week

For the first week, my pace for Mudazumo will be slow due to finals. After December 7th, I'll be able to burn through it quickly. Then I'll do the monthlies, and finally Pokemon Special. Kaibutsu Oujo scripts will resume after volume 13 and the first OVA releases, because chapter 56 has some seriously mind-blowing spoilers.

Kindaichi fans might have noticed that KCF has disappeared altogether. Unfortunately, since I wasn't able to finish it in November, it will be shelved for quite a while. KAW has offered their assistance, but even translating the script for the last 100 pages will take a lot of work, so I'll hold off until more opportune times.

The status of the joint projects with Animexis is unclear for now. I haven't gotten a message from him about a month, so I assume that he's incapacitated for now. The poor dude's father died, so cut him some slack. For now, I'll remove it from the schedule, but the scripts were fairly easy to translate anyways.

The schedule for January is unclear as well. Unless the Mudazumo anthology is fucking awesome, I won't translate it. I still got the 300-page Route 225 to do, so that will take up the month.


  1. Noooo... Maybe next year then.

  2. Wow, despite having finals and a personal life apart from this, you still want to spend so much time doing scanlations? That's very nice of you, so I am wishing you best luck with your finals and while I am anticipating every chapter/volume of Pokémon Special, I wouldn't hold it against you if you don't keep all fo the schedule :3

  3. Oh ... Anyways, about the Pokemon Black & White thing, one question :

    Although just starting, Professor Araragi has already appeared in the first chapter of the Black & White chapter of Pokémon Adventures, where she was seen with the three starters, talking to Makomo on the phone, and mentioning that tomorrow three boys and girls from Kanoko Town would be coming by to pick up the starters, also commenting that she hoped their trainers would be able to handle them, after they destroyed her office in a fight with each other. Of the three, Tepig ended up in Black's hands, while Cheren and Bel received Snivy and Oshawott, respectively. She also issued them three individual copies of the Unova Pokédex, but an accident left two of them broken, and as of yet Black's is the only one still functional.


    In the first chapter, i don't saw her ... And not Bel and Cheren too.
    It's normal or not ? The informations are from Bulbapedia.

  4. @ShiroiRyu Actually all of that took place in two different chapters. The very first chapter was Araragi in her office with the starters, and the "second" chapter was when Black got Tepig and Cheren got Snivy and Bel got Oshawott and Black left with the only Pokedex. There was also another chapter we didn't get, but not much happened in it besides Black running around with Tepig in Hiun City and trying to catch Zorua. Which of course, he fails on doing. But a/non/'s not going to do those chapters for two reasons: He's not doing the Araragi office chapter and the Black/Tepig after Zorua chapter because he said he won't be doing old magazine chapters is because they are old and before he started doing this. (not to mention, not much happened) Plus another reason he's not doing them is because if he does them, then he'll have to do more HGSS chapters, and then all of that will make people want him to get even older magazines, ect. which would take up too much time and money. And the reason he won't be doing the new chapter were Belle, Cheren and Black all get their starter and dex from is because he's only doing one of the magazines that Special is released in in Japan. You see, Special comes out in three magazines (two every month and a third one that comes out every other month) And due to money/already crowded workload a/non/ obviously can't by all three of them. (plus they're hard to get) So he'll only be doing one chapter a month 'til he doesn't have enough money to, and then him doing the magazine chapters will stop. But it's nothing to worry about, we're not missing much and will get them in volumes one day anyway. So it's all good. ^^

    But in case you're curious, the chapter we'll be getting this month will be the one where White says her dream is to raise the top Pokemon actor/actress and Black and White finally get to see Team Plasma in action. =3 Should be exciting, especially since Team Plasma is somewhat successful. And we'll also be getting volume 37 before too long either, and that volume will also be very exciting. ^^

  5. Wow ... Ok, ok ... So, actually, it's like we have "one" chapter on three.
    Not a problem, i already thanks him for the hard work.
    And yes, i saw the RAW of volume 17 in the 6 december new. XD

    But if i understand, Pokemon Special going like Two chapters in a month (on two magazines) and a third chapter in another magazine the next month ?
    Like that :
    Month 1 : Chapter 1 at beginning of the month, Chapter 2 at ending of the month.
    Month 2 : Chapter 3.
    Month 3 : Chapter 4 and chapter 5.

    (It's just i wanted to see the beautiful Bel. :D)

  6. (other person here. I'm French but it's an international website so yeah... je peux essayer de t'expliquer ça en français si tu veux, comme c'est assez compliqué)

    Actually all the magazines have their own timeline. Example giving the magazine A is going to have continuous chapters for X months, until the "subplot" ends. From what I see a "subplot" usually is the events in a town, a character's/group's side of the story or just a standalone chapter. In the magazine /a/non is translating, Grade 4 (he said the japanese name somewhere but I can't remember it right now)the current focus is on Black and White, while other magazines are dealing with the very beginning of the BW saga at Kanoko town (where we see Araragi, Bel and Cheren).

    There are two magazine which release each month and a third one which releases every two(?) months. I think each magazine has only one chapter per edition. This gives us two or three parallel stories whose chronological order is left for us to guess until the volume comes out (which can be a whole year after, but lately volumes are so late they have sped up).

    As the other anonymous said, /a/non is only going to translate one magazine, so it may get confusing one day but I'm thankful for him to do so much already :)

  7. I'm french so you can tell me in french too.
    But thanks a lot for your answers, i understand. :)