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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Pokemon Special ch 406

I was going to say, "back in my day, people used their flying dinosaur Pokemon (or hot air balloon Pokemon) to break into cities," but then I realized that none of the trio have a single flying Pokemon. Oh well, a Zerg rush is fine too.

Pokemon Special ch 406 2400p (IF)
Pokemon Special ch 406 2400p (MU)
Pokemon Special ch 406 2400p (4SH)

Pokemon Special ch 406 1200p (IF)
Pokemon Special ch 406 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special ch 406 1200p (4SH)

Pokemon Special ch 406 PSD source (IF)
Pokemon Special ch 406 PSD source (MU)

In other news, Mudazumo is slated to end on Kindai Mahjong issue 2011-02-15 (to be released on Jan 15th). Fujisan shipped (to my apartment, which I'm not at right now) 2011-01-01 and 2011-01-15. Assuming that Ohwada didn't take any breaks, I should get the last 4 chapters in January.


  1. oohh yay another present to unwrap, umm... download!

  2. Well technically Pearl has Chahiko(Perahiko) and he can learn fly...but It'd look weird for such a small bird to carry him right?

    Also, on page 14 it says "That small force is still fighting at that the entrance of the building"...

    Lastly, Mr. Impatient is actually supposed to be Mr. Hasty, as in the nature

  3. Oh oops. I went with what iNet named him.

  4. Hey hey hey !
    Thanks for the two chapters ! :D

  5. You must post a comment if you think /a/non is awesome.

  6. Posting a comment because /a/non is awesome.~

    Thanks /a/non! :) Another great chapter! So glad you're finally working on volume 37 too. ^^

    That's a good point about none of them having any flyers though. I noticed that too and always found it out. xD At least one of them should have something to fly them around.

    @Michaelf1993 True. Chahiko/Perahiko carrying Pearl for flying would look weird. Then again, this IS the manga that has a Murkrow that was able to carry Silver, even in HGSS. And not only that, but a Murkrow also carried the infamously chubby Athena/Ariana in HGSS too, which really is something. o.O No idea how that poor bird could carry that massive woman around.....

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  8. the murkrow? there was some aerodactyl that was able to carry it's trainer + venusaur + gyarados + poliwrath + pikachu + freaking SNORLAX. well, if only for a short while...

  9. But Aero is huge, it's not that surprising that he was able to carry them all for a short while

  10. *hugs* THANK YOU. ...and I actually never join the discussion about the chapter because I have yet to read my quiet room where I am not disturbed...XD

  11. hmmmm... how about krys' natee? it's about chahiko's size. and it definitely did carry krys... though it's slow.

    haha, like /a/non said, unown zerg rush looks way cooler than dangling off a tiny bird.

  12. Natee evovled into a Xatu and is several times larger now. I'm also thinking it used it's psychic powers to lift Crystal