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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku to end with 6 volumes

Given the sale numbers that this manga gets (50K volumes on the week when volume 5 was released), I would've guessed that it would go on longer. Whatever, it's been a fun run. I might pick up other Owada Hideki manga.

Anyways, I had predicted this and started ordering Kindai Mahjong issues from fujisan a month ago. I should be able to scan the last 2 or 3 chapters in January. Since fujisan doesn't allow anyone to cancel their subscription for the first 3 months, I'll end up with three extra issues, but whatever, they're $15 each. This isn't a totally veiled request to get donations, by the way.

I currently have no plans to translate the anthology (it's a bunch of non-sequitur 4-komas; you won't be missing much), but I'll scan it when I get it in January as well. The last volume should come out in May/June.


  1. Well then I guess I'll start reading it. A manga about Politicians playing Mahjong just HAS to be good.

  2. I'm actually rather glad that it's wrapping after Volume 6 -- I'd much rather it go out with a bang of pure awesome (as I fully expect it will) than try to top the Ragnarok battles. Though I admit that I would love to see more historical mahjong action! Between the Yalta Conference and the 1989 Putin omake, there's clearly no end of historical material to use....