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Friday, December 17, 2010

Online Manga Reverse Engineering Challenge Cracked!

Hahah, wow. I had never thought in my wildest dreams that someone would crack it that quickly. Well, "Nagato" sent me his entry last night. My day had been made.

Anyway, with Nagato's permission, I have been allowed to open source his program under the (new) BSD license. Usage is detailed in the archive. Decrypting is done in (POSIX-compliant) C, but the mass downloader scripts for both Yahoo! Comic and Club Sunday are both written in Python and require Beautiful Soup. Enjoy.

PCViewer Downloader (4SH)

I'll try to get my GUI-based downloader ready as soon as possible, though it makes me inadequate as a programmer to translate his code.


  1. wow, that;s fast
    and the code is nice

  2. I scanlate Hyakko, from flex-comix. They use both yahoocomics and, recently, their own implementation of pcviewer. I've been having to printscreen for months.

    I'm also a linux user.

    Thanks a lot for this, bros.

    ... by the way, for linux, I got a friend of mine to access yahoocomics to give me the address of the latest hyakko chapter. I then replaced every "decrypt.exe" for "wine decrypt.exe", and it worked perfectly.