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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Young Ace 2010-11 Raws

Well, now that I have 900 pages of manga lying around, I might as well scan them, right? I will not pick up any of these series (well, maybe MONOPHOBIA), but I hope that they are eventually translated by others.

These raws are scanned at 350 dpi with only the descreening filter. There are a few tears, especially with MONOPHOBIA.

This issue was bought with (grossly misused) donation money. Although I'm well-funded until next year, it can't hurt to donate now.

Another ch 05 (not registered on MangaUpdates)

Another ch 05 raw (IF)
Another ch 05 raw (MU)
Another ch 05 raw (4SH)

Blood Lad
ch 14

Blood Lad ch 14 raw (IF)
Blood Lad ch 14 raw (MU)
Blood Lad ch 14 raw (4SH)

Teizokurei MONOPHOBIA ch 4.6

Teizokurei MONOPHOBIA ch 4.6 raw (IF)
Teizokurei MONOPHOBIA ch 4.6 raw (MU)
Teizokurei MONOPHOBIA ch 4.6 raw (4SH)

Those Who Chase Ageha ch 16 (later)
Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service - Floating Cloud Project Part 2 (later)

I can scan some other series in YA, but because of ongoing negotiations with Animexis, I don't want to hurt feelings. Thus, their series (PSG, Upotte, Disappearance of Yuki Nagato, Hoozuki-san Chi no Aneki) will not be scanned. Also, MPD Psycho is on break, I think.

The magazine will be thrown away by 12:00 am PST on October 19th, 2010, so make your requests as soon as possible.

I cannot guarantee the future availability of more raws, so don't get too dependent. Like I said, Animexis has contacted me, and there's the possibility of a joint project or some kind of raw-sharing deal. Furthermore, because Lying Mii-kun might end soon, so I will not buy any more issues after that.

Edit: Oh, and this issue came with a Mari figure. I'm not a fan of either Eva or figures, so contact me with your bid if you want it. Sale goes to highest bidder.


  1. Thx a lot for scanning the chapter Another!
    I'm from a translation group named Kawaii Corner and we are currently working on it. Can I use your scans? I'll credit you for sure^^

  2. I would not upload something if I didn't want someone to download it. Credit is not obligatory.

  3. Thx but i don't see Mouhitsu Hallucination it's my favorit manga.