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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Recruiting for: Pokemon Special Restoration

Well, a reader by the name of Dakota has given me a link to someone who has scanned volumes 1-27. I'm still in the process of rehosting them. If you want to check them for yourself, you have to decrypt them using this (press the giant "D" button, select the .enc file, press the left button on the bottom, and enter "Guill666" as the password).

Pokemon Special vol 09 raw V2 (changes naming convention and dpi)
Pokemon Special vol 10 raw
Pokemon Special vol 11 raw
Pokemon Special vol 12 raw
Pokemon Special vol 13 raw
Pokemon Special vol 14 raw
Pokemon Special vol 15 raw

Now, when I brought up the example of costing $300 to import all of volumes, I was just talking about the monetary cost of even getting the raw. If you assume that translating one chapter takes 2-4 hours, translating 270 chapters will take...forever.

It's true that if I were to try to restore them, I don't have to clean or even translate these, since I could just copy over the Chuang Yi translations. However, since I already have a lot of other projects, I am not going to do them myself. Nevertheless, if there are lots of volunteers, I could help mentor a separate group dedicated to doing these 18 volumes. What about 28 and 29? Let's finish 9-27 first, then we'll talk.

What is the job?

You copy over the Chuang Yi translations to the Japanese raw. It's that simple. You might have to do some clone stamping and copying over Pokedex entries from emulators (that's how I "translate" the Pokedex entries for DP), but we're ignoring sound effects for the sake of efficiency.

Seriously, the only tools you'll use are:
  • text tool (T)
  • rectangular select tool (M)
  • lasso tool (L)
  • bucket tool (G)
  • clone stamp (Alt-S, S) or maybe spot healing (J) if it's simple enough
What are the qualifications?

  1. You have Photoshop and you have opened it at least once. You could also use Paint.NET, Gimp, etc. but I only remember how use Photoshop now, so I may not be able to help you.

    As an upstanding citizen, I encourage you to buy--wait, who am I kidding, just pirate the damn thing if you don't have it. Well, I don't know if that portable version can receive updates, so just look on TPB if you want the full version (or a version that can work with x64).
  2. Lots of free time. I estimate that each chapter may take 5 hours at the very start, but it should accelerate once you get used to it.
  3. Tolerate repetition. As a CS major, I just love repeating myself, but think carefully if you have the perseverance to last 270 chapters. Well, it's obviously going to be less than 270 if there are more than one team member, but 135 chapters, 90 chapters, 62 chapters are still large sums. Consider that I've only made 90 releases in the past 6 months, not counting the 20 scripts for Kaibutsu Oujo.
If you're interested, comment below so others can see how many people are volunteering as well.


  1. Oh wow! I'm glad you got my message a/non, it's me Dakota again. I was just lucky to finally come across it so I was glad to share. I'm in the process of downloading them myself, but definitely any and all of your rehosting will help a lot as well. (damn waiting inbetween downloads with the download site)

    I'm glad you decided to try to make it into a project too. I wish you the best of luck on finding people to do it, and look forward to any and all releases!~ *okay, I promise I'll stop commenting on this post now, so any future posts shall most likely be people willing to do it.~*

  2. My gosh, I wish I had more free time. This is where school makes me want to cry. I barely have enough time to go on the Internet anymore. Literally, I think all I do is PokéSpe related. Still, once I get everything together with this Gallery tomfoolery, I'll make sure to host these for convenient downloading if file hosting becomes a problem in the future. I wish whoever steps up to the plate the best of luck!

  3. Oh my gosh I would really love to help out! I'm a typesetter for another manga scanlation group and also a full-time university student so I might not be available all the time, but I could definitely lend a hand to speed up the restoration process! Comment back if you want to talk more about it, and I'll send you my email then ^^

  4. I'm totally interested in helping :) especially since all I've ever done is mooch off the work of others by reading their scans.

    I have absolutely zero experience, but I do have Photoshop Elements, which has all the tools you listed. And I (would like to think that I) have plenty of free time (also known as procrastinating). Let me know~

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  6. /a/non
    i accept your challenge
    between schoolwork of course :)

  7. Wow, amazing. I definitely wish to volunteer.

  8. Nice to hear some support. I posted a tutorial on the new blog dedicated to the project:

    Try it out, show me what you got.

    @-reichiru-: I guess you could also write up a tutorial or help the newbies.

  9. I want to help! School steals away a lot of my free time, but I know that I'll find somehow free time to help with this project, I know some things about editing manga, so... It's not that hard to me ^^ I already did the try and I hope that it's okay for you :3

  10. What about Volumes 1-8? I really dislike the VIZ translations, so I was wondering why they aren't being included under this project.

  11. Dragon Guard Scans has done their own translation of vol 1 - 8 (ch 1 - 103). Here's a partial list; JB pointed out that some of them are missing, but he's still working on his gallery, so this will have to suffice:

    We could turn back and do 1-8 if there is a big demand. IMO, except for the earlier ones, they're pretty good. But that's 100 chapters. Even if we have 4 typesetters, each one will still have to do 25 chapters. If each typesetter does one chapter per week, that's still 6 months.

  12. I'll volunteer too. I use GIMP.

  13. I don't have a whole ton of time, but I'd be glad to help out whenever I can. I've kinda been wanting to reread the whole series anyway. xD I realize I won't be doing every chapter, but still.

  14. I can't help for that ...
    But you have my "words" (not sure about this one) for a such project !
    I really hope you can do that, will all one who want to help.
    Anyways, one question : Why not words about scanlating 28-32 ?
    Just want to know. XD

  15. If I can't fix my current Gallery installation by Friday, I will rebuild it with a new one. It will be available by tomorrow night (EST).

  16. Turns out that I have to work with my current host (DreamHost) and the Gallery staff to try and salvage my current installation, since even if I did a clean install, it's not actually the gallery software, it seems. It may or may not be the MySQL fucking up. This may or may not take a couple more days, but by that time, I'll be sure to get the current available raws of PokéSpe on there.

    tl;dr expect the Gallery to be down for at least a few more days. I'll be sure to make some noise when it's back up.

    Also, for the sake of everyone's sanity, I uploaded zips of all 103 chapters of Dragon Guard's scanlation to the following URL:

    Have fun putting that on the restoration project page, /a/non :P.

  17. I certainly wouldn't mind helping. I adore Pokemon Special, and would be more than willing to help out. I have quite a bit of free time and Im pretty fluent with using photoshop so I shouldn't have too many problems....aside from the fact that I have never done this kind of thing before..

    I'll give the tutorial a go and see how I do. I'd really like to help, but I'd like to know what Im doing before jumping in XD

  18. Mostly copying text over, maybe a little touching up.

  19. I can help out too. I don't have a whole lot of experience in typesetting, but I have years of practice with Photoshop.

  20. Honestly, I'd like that restoration project to also encompass volumes 1 to 8 and 31, just because Dragon Guard had a lot of stupid little objects in their scans (their translation was good, though), and iNet was, well, iNet :\.

  21. @Rycr: sure, do the tests on the blog

    @JB: we'll see

  22. Out of curiosity, what volumes do you still need to be typesetted? I have plenty of time and abilities to do it.

  23. I have lots of free time coming up after finals and the latest photoshop. I'll definitely help once my schedule opens up.

  24. I have free time and use PHC5/Gimp. I would love to help

  25. I would help out, just e-mail the tests in right?