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Monday, October 4, 2010

Administrative Changes: Donations, Hiring


It has come to my attention that this operation is just flat broke. Worse even; because of several errors I've recently made, I'm ashamed to say that we're in the deficit for about $50-100. I'm not a business major, dammit.

While I won't make you guys suffer for my stupidity, it would be nice if you could share my burden, even just a bit. The goal this month is $55 to try to recoup some of the losses and pay for Pokemon Special 37, Mudazumo 5 ($30-40 together), and the next two issues of Young Ace ($22 / issue). The costs for those 4 items is really just $80 instead of $110 over these two months, so I would be ecstatic if the donations even just broke that.

Furthermore, you get immortalized in the credits page of the volume as an "evil background sponsor." I don't think PayPal donations allow you to leave messages. In any case, if you want a special title or if you want to specify which volume you want to be credited, just contact me, somehow prove that you're the donor, and tell me what you want.


Now, before you get all excited, I'm currently only "hiring" for Japanese-to-Chinese translators. Why?

It's becoming apparent that no Chinese group is going to scan Pokemon Special 36 and possibly Mudazumo 5 soon. I can read Chinese, but writing is too difficult. Thus, it's a good time to experiment with expanding the one-man team and into the international scene.

Currently, I'm not looking for Japanese-to-[insert other language here] translators, but you can use my PSD files all the same. I would like you to contact me so obese ego can get even more inflated, but whatever, as long as it get translated, I don't care.

What is the position?

You translate Pokemon Special 36 to Chinese. That's it. "You" can refer to either a group or a single person. I don't care.

What you produce can also be negotiable:
  1. Script - You translate to a text script, I'll typeset and release.
  2. Parallel translation - I'll clean the raw first and give it you, then we'll translate to English and Chinese at the same time.
  3. Sequential translation - I'll release the English version as usual, then you take the PSD and translate into Chinese.
  4. Hit-and-run - You just take the raw and handle your own releases on your own.
I don't care how it's done, as long as it's somewhat efficient.

What are the qualifications?

There's no qualifications for picking it up. I open source my stuff so other groups can pick it up easily. As long as you can read Japanese (maybe assisted by my English translation) and write Chinese, I'm happy.

That's different from English-to-Chinese, because my accuracy will limit even the best translator. For example, assuming that my accuracy is only 90% of the time, even if you're English-to-Chinese translation skills are perfect, our release will only be 90%. That said, if the Japanese-to-Chinese translations are worse than Japanese-to-English-to-Chinese, I'll pick the latter.

I'll only "endorse" the best group. I have no idea how it will work, but it will depend on how many people/groups actually apply. Given that this blog post will be read by a primarily English crowd, the chances are slim, but it can't hurt to try.

What are the rewards?

Well, I won't provide any financial rewards; this operation is already deep in the red as it is. I guess you could put it on a file host that generates money like DepositFiles and Fileserve. Although I do not condone such behavior for myself, some translations are better than none.

Of course, there's the usual reward of internet fame. It's pretty addictive to see your release get downloaded hundreds and thousands of times. Well, the Chinese scene is mostly based on online readers, but you'll be loved anyways.


I want a translator to translate Pokemon Special 36 to Chinese. How we cooperate can be negotiated, from being a part of /a/nonymous scanlations (/無/名漢化組?) to a group that just cooperates with me, like School Rumble Fantrad for Ryoshka Ryoshka releases in French.

Contact me through the comments or e-mail if you're interested. Here are the raws again if you want to see how difficult they are:

Pokemon Special vol 36 unfiltered (MF)
Pokemon Special vol 36 unfiltered (MU)
Pokemon Special vol 36 unfiltered (IF)

Pokemon Special vol 36 1200p (MF)
Pokemon Special vol 36 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special vol 36 1200p (IF)

Of course, like me, you can also use Serebii's summaries as a clutch. I think they actually come from a Chinese source, but I could be wrong.

Cyber Blue: the Lost Children

Well, I lack the manpower and funding, so I think that I won't even pick up the first chapter of the Cyber Blue remake. The poll results said a resounding "no" anyways, so I took it down.

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