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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Denoise Poll

Today, MangaStream picked up Vinland Saga over Hox. Now, as a scanlation group on the so-called Big 3, they use intensely high denoising and cleaning (though they apparently forgot to use the descreening filter to avoid the moiré pattern). That might work for Bleach and One Piece, but it just murders the art of manga like Vinland Saga and Otoyomegatari.

Then it occurred to me that I had never asked you guys about what level of denoise/cleaning is best. The current procedure is this:
  1. Rotate/resize/crop (there's more steps if it's a spread like this)
  2. First curve
  3. DeNoise (Vivacity DeNoise/EQ, threshold = 18.45, noise reduction = 1)
  4. Second curve
  5. Using the "Average" filter on parts that should be flat shading
The next Mudazumo volume will also be cleaned because its scene aren't incredibly complicated as well. However, the denoise threshold is lower at around 11-12.

It might also apply to Noririn if I end up having to get the volume raws myself.

Which ones look the best? I'm welcome to suggestions and comments on this matter.


  1. Maybe I'm not an expert, but I think that the first one is the best (just with first curve).
    I think that it doesn't losses its "manga texture", it doesn't look like a "plastic page", and so..

  2. I agree with Javier. Manga scans should look like manga, not like a blurry smudgy mess.

  3. Personally I find the 2nd one better since the first one seems kind of grainy, the 2nd one it's smooth. A bunch of folks were arguing about the Vinland chapter over in 4chan with Hox involved

  4. Yeah the second because the first one is too shiny but that's only my point of view XD

  5. I really don't see the any difference between the second and third options.

    I'd select the first imaged option (I would like to the real first option to compare to the first imaged option [second option]).

  6. I choose first option like a real manga.

  7. @Not Applicable: It's not leveled/curved correctly, so the first option is never viable for release.

  8. Yeah, but it is nice to see for comparison purposes.

  9. this is a great comparison of denoised and not denoised many are over denoised and lose detail line art.