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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ryoshka Ryoshka vol 1 (extras) raw

I finally had the courage to take apart this holy volume of 136 beautifully drawn pages, all colored. Of course, scanning all 136 pages at the standard 600dpi for each page would take forever, so I only scanned the essential pages:
  • cover, inner cover
  • first and last pages of each chapter (except the last page of chapter 6), since they don't have the large logo blocking the art
  • the mini-chapters, which were presumably ABe's pilot chapters
That's still 64 pages, though. Thus, the batch volume will be released between chapter 7 and 8.

Ryoshka Ryoshka vol 1 raw (IF)
Ryoshka Ryoshka vol 1 raw (MU)
Ryoshka Ryoshka vol 1 raw (4SH)


  1. OMG thank you, truth be told I would never have the balls to do what you did. My soul would have been crushed 136 times with each time when I take apart each beautiful page. Kudos to you fine sir for you truly are a gift to the fans.