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Friday, October 15, 2010

Fractale ch 1

This anime has piqued my interest because it (a) is in the noitaminA time slot, (b) directed by the (in)famous Yamakan, and (c) looks like a certain Ghibli film. Unlike other manga adaptations such as PSG and Star Driver's, this series is actually available online through GanGan Online (same magazine as Ryoshka Ryoshka). Therefore, I'll get 4 chapters out before I drop this when the anime starts airing in January, like PSG.

Fractale ch 1 (IF)
Fractale ch 1 (MU)
Fractale ch 1 (4SH)

Fractale ch 1 PSD source (IF)
Fractale ch 1 PSD source (MU)
Fractale ch 1 PSD source (4SH)

Coincidentally, I figured out how GanGan Online's URL scheme works:[series name]/viewer/[chapter]/books/images/2/[page number, not padded].jpg

So the first page of Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 12 is:

Pathetic, Square Enix.

But wait, THERE'S MORE!

Route 225 finally arrived. It's a manga based on a mystery novel by Fujino Chiya, as drawn by Shimura Takako. The summary is this:

"The story, also adapted into a live-action film, is told from the point of view of 14-year-old Eriko, who is left in charge of her younger brother Daigo, when her parents disappear. Contrary to most manga, in Route 225, the disappearing parents are a major part of the plot. Mum and Dad have somehow been transported to an alternate world, from which they are still somehow able to dial back cryptic messages to Earth mobile phones."

In May, after I paid Mike for his services, he said that I overpaid him a little, so I could choose a manga volume to be shipped in with his own order. So, I asked /a/ what totally overlooked one-shot they want to see. True to their fashion, I got Birdy II (which is still not getting translated), the Tsukihime manga (which just got picked up), etc. Finally, Yamada!AD/TRAP/M6, the purveyor of Taka Tuesday threads, suggested this manga. One-shot (well, one volume)? Check. Completely unknown...everywhere? Check. Intriguing mystery? Check.

So now, 5 months later, I'm...still not ready to pick it up. I didn't notice that it's 280 pages long, which definitely won't fit in November.

Now the chart looks li-



Well, it might turn out to be three, depending on how interesting the new series about quiz-battling in Young Ace is.

Since I don't know how fast we'll make our releases (Animexis is slightly slower, but damn, they know how to clean and edit), I won't update the chart to only fail my goals again. I'm moving Route 225 to January so I can finish up with Cyber Blue and catch up on the remaining scans I have of Noririn in November. Mudazumo 5 and Pokemon Special 37 stands to take up the entirety of December and maybe a bit of January. Then, if I haven't imploded yet, I'll make my next move.

Oh, and I suppose there's also the Pokemon Special Restoration Project, which is shaping up nicely. The workload is presumably negligible because I'm only doing page merges and the intro/end of each volume.


  1. Guessing you won't tell us the 2 other joint projects?

    Also, which mangaka is doing the quiz-battling or is he/she new?

  2. Well, one of them is made by someone whose series I'm already scanning. The other drew for a pretty famous manga as well.

    I haven't seriously talked about the quiz-battling manga with Animexis. It's called 7o3x (Nana Maru San Batsu; Seven Wrong Three Right):

    The author and artist is Sugimoto Iqura:

    As someone who has been on various local science quiz bowls, I'm more than intrigued.

  3. Oh, wait, I meant "Seven Right, Three Wrong"