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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bad News, Everyone!

I have a several pieces of bad news to announce, in order of increasing badness.

First, 时代汉化组 started Pokemon Special volume 36 on their own. I'm afraid I'll have to disqualify all applicants -- all zero of you.

Second, Noririn, along with the rest of Evening, have not been scanned and uploaded onto Share/PD for 2 issues, so I'm moving it to "Periodic Projects." I'll still translate chapter 9-12 in late November as per the current schedule, but if no one scans any more Evening issues, I'll have to wait for the volumes.

Third, since Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan is an adaptation of the movie, instead of a direct adaptation of the 10-volume LN series, there are rumors that it will end in five or so chapters, which matches up with the movie release date.

Fourth, I believe that the recommendations have reached some kind of asymptote. I hate to keep on disappointing submitters, so I'm not taking recommendations anymore.

Lastly, my suspicions have been confirmed. Mediafire has been deleting my files without me noticing. Although I'm a firm believer of Hanlon's razor, this is unacceptable, whether it was out of stupidity or intentional enforcement of copyright laws. For the time being, I'm moving to ifile, because I get, like, 40 MB/s on there. I haven't been updating my ifile folder because the stupid site keeps logging me out automatically, but I'll upload all of the volume releases and source files on there soon.

I'll also need a 3rd mirror just in case ifile and MegaUpload turns on me as well. Please suggest any file-hosting services you would like to see me mirror my releases on that:
  1. has unlimited or very large (> 5GB) bandwidth limit
  2. no expiration
  3. some kind of folder structure feature
  4. loose enforcement of copyright laws
The most possible candidate right now is 4shared, but I'm open to anything. I guess I could try getting an IRC bot, but that would require money.


  1. Wait, so someone else is doing pokemon special v36?

  2. No no, I think he means another Chinese translating team is already doing volume 36, so he doesn't need anybody to translate it to Chinese after all. He'll still be translating it to English, so no worries.

    But I wanted to say a/non, thanks for volume 33 the other day. And I'm sorry about all the bad things going on, I hope things get better.

  3. Thank you so much for the Pokemon Special! It's been great seeing all the translations!

    Unfortunately, I noticed something up-the hosting service for the online gallery doesn't seem to be working. I prefer to read it online, so... is this just a glitch, or is something up?

  4. Would badongo work? I've used it before and it seems to be pretty decent.

    Also, some of your pages have problems with CDisplay (black portions are whited out, etc)--is there something that can fix this?

  5. @jordan: What Dakota said

    @random: The gallery is managed by JB, so it's not my responsibility, to put it bluntly.

    @strawberry: I have bad memories of trying and repeatedly failing at downloading Chinese scans from Bandongo, so no, but thanks for the suggestion.

    I would suggest uninstalling CDisplay. No, seriously, that thing is the Internet Explorer 6 of comic viewers. May I suggest HoneyView?

  6. Sorry about that; I'm working with the Gallery 3 development team to get this resolved. You can see what's up in this thread:

  7. In the meantime, Otaku Works still has a reasonably updated version:

  8. thx a lot for the hardwork. :). may i suggest thx a lot btw :)

  9. oh i see, thats good.

    how about trying i see quite a few people use it.

  10. nevermind don't use depositfiles lol

  11. What! Five chapters only!? That's so sad, I've seen the manga yesterday and I love it already, but why only or so.. ;-(

  12. Well, that's only a rumor, though it certainly matches up.