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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Pokemon Special vol 36 raw

This time the delay is caused by GALACTIC PRETTY BOY. Weekends are more likely to cause delays now.

Well, this volume had barely reached my doorstep when volume 37 was announced. Thankfully, it's going to released at the end of November, so it's going to get pushed back to December along with Mudazumo 5.

Looking at the summaries on Serebii, 38 is likely to be the last volume for this arc, tying it with RS as one of the two longest arcs. Will it get as good as RS? Maybe, maybe not

Anyways, here's volume 36. Releases on this volume (and, most likely, on other vol 33 chapters) will be edited on the unfiltered raw then resized down to 2400p and 1200p:

Pokemon Special vol 36 unfiltered (MF)
Pokemon Special vol 36 unfiltered (MU)
Pokemon Special vol 36 unfiltered (IF)

Pokemon Special vol 36 1200p (MF)
Pokemon Special vol 36 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special vol 36 1200p (IF)

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  1. I've been meaning to comment on this since the day you posted it, but just finally got around to it. First, woohoo! I adore this volume's cover so having it big and in great quality is a definite plus to me. As well as I enjoy seeing the manga raws because they, along with Serebii's summaries and my limited Japanese (still learning), allow me to feel 'tied' over 'til you get to releasing the scanlations. =] So definitely please continue to post Special RAWS if you don't mind.

    Yeah, I don't know if you saw my comment but I posted that volume 37 was coming out in November as soon as it was announced. Can't wait 'til it comes out as well. Wonder what the cover will be this time? But looking forward to your translation of it as well and looking forward to the RAWs too.

    According to Coronis on the Serebii forums, the man in charge of anything and everything PokeSpecial, he said most likely 38 will be the last volume of the DP arc. He said he only knows of a few chapters left due to his summaries, but he said there will probably be a few more in 38 to help tie up the arc more and what not. Then he said most likely we should be getting to the start of the Platinum arc in the volumes by then. I look forward to that as well, since Plaitnum is arguably one of the arcs we know least about. I'm enjoying DP so far though and assume it'll be a great arc as well. Interesting now though that ever since Satoshi became the artist all the main games (aka non-remakes and sister arcs) tend to be 7-8 volumes long. First GSC, then R/S, now D/P...guess it'll be the same for B/W as well.

    Anyways, thanks again for the RAWs and the awesome scanlations! I'm so happy you picked up this series and plan to keep it up. I'll definitely read and support you the best I can!