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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 5, Q4 schedule

The only way to win is not to play...

Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 5 (MF)
Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 5 (MU)
Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 5 (IF)

Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 5 PSD source (MF)
Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 5 PSD source (MU)
Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 5 PSD source (IF)

Due to recent changes in circumstances, the chart for October and November have been updated. Charts will also be put in the "Schedule" page.

October 2010 November 2010
Slot 1 Pokemon Special vol 33 (ch 370 - ch 374)
 (100 pages / 1 week = 100 pages / week)
Pokemon Special vol 36
 (200 pages / 2 weeks = 100 pages / week)
Cyber Blue vol 4 [END]
 (180 pages / 5 weeks = 36 pages / week)
Slot 2 Route 225 vol 1 [END]
 (200 pages / 3 weeks = 66.66 pages / week)
Noririn (overdue chapters, depends on raw availability)
 (100 pages / 2 weeks = 50 pages / week)
Slot 3 Kindaichi vol 38 (Legendary Vampire Murders)
 (150 pages left / 10 weeks = 15 pages / week)
Slot 4 Ryoshka Ryoshka (overdue chapters)
 (12 pages / week)
Running Series Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan
 (36 pages / month = 9 pages / week)
Total Average Workload 136 pages / week 136 pages / week 138.66 pages / week 122 pages / week

I said two posts ago that I was "going to declare war". The fact of the matter is that 3 of the top 5 recommendations I was considering were picked up this same week, including the top one, so I was still figuring out what to do. I already ordered 2 volumes of the top recommendation, so my initial thought was to go head-to-head with the other group. However, I barely have the capacity to support one of my favorite series since my childhood, Kindaichi, so my superego prevailed in the end. Thus, this isn't the time to fight; it's time to catch up.

Back to the "empty slot", it's looking more likely that I won't pick anything up until I finish or catch up with some of the current series, which is December. By all means, keep the suggestions coming, but I won't be able to fulfill them soon.

Speaking of catching up, one series that has been bothering me is Noririn. Its magazine, Evening, hasn't been uploaded to Share for 2 weeks now, and the next issue should be out already. For this reason, I'm pushing it back a little, since catching up is less important than fulfilling a request I had picked up 6 months ago, Route 225. I'll eventually get around to putting up a banner and project info...


  1. I was wondering, have you the raws for chapter 11 and 12 for Ryoshka? If you do, can put them up like you did for 1-10 because I want to collect them. Thanks.

  2. Here's ch 11:

    You can read ch 12 and future chapters here:

    However, the previous chapter gets taken down every month around the 24th when the new chapter goes up. Take screenshots.

  3. Sounds awesome. Good luck with everything and looking forward to future releases. Bad news for you dude though -- volume 37 of Pokemon Special is just announced for release in November, lol. Apparently since they are on Platinum, HGSS and B/W right now they decided it was time to hurry up and finish DP lol.

  4. Volume 37 is apparently coming on November 25:

    And here's some new pics of HGSS and Black and White:

  5. No offense @JB2448, but that's what I just said above. X^D The top part anyway. And I recognize that avi, are you the same guy from the Mangafox forums who also said what I said in the B/W thread!??? X^DDDDDDDDDD

  6. Oh my gosh, you've got to be kidding me XD! I'm so sorry! That's kind of hilarious, actually :P.

  7. Hahahah, that's what I thought! XD But nope it is the truth -- I am 1dbad from those forums. ^^ It's okay though, you only repeated a tiny part of what I said, so it's all good. And like you said, it really is kind of hilarious, actually. :P What are the odds?

  8. Also, this is my irregular reminder that you should translate that Sin & Punishment manga (if only because I'm both a Nintendo and Treasure fanboy :D).