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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Noririn ch 8, vol 1 batch

Things are finally starting to get interesting. However, the first volume ends here, so I'll have to pause for a few months. If it's any consolation, only 4 more chapters have been released so far, and you can download the raws from the MF folder anytime.

Noririn ch 8 (MF)

Noririn ch 8 (MU)
Noririn ch 8 (IF)

Noririn ch 8 PSD source (MF)
Noririn ch 8 PSD source (MU)
Noririn ch 8 PSD source (IF)

The batch volumes has a few typo fixes and translation redoes.

The format of the batch PSD source archive are changed to 7z because I found that it's even better than RAR for archives like these. However, it doesn't make much more of a difference for smaller source archives, so those are kept as the more commonly used RAR.

Noririn vol 1 (MF)
Noririn vol 1 (MU)
Noririn vol 1 (IF)

Noririn vol 1 PSD source (MF)
Noririn vol 1 PSD source (MU)
Noririn vol 1 PSD source (IF)


  1. Thank you so much for your hard work!
    So you're planing to work only with tank scans? :)
    Why aren't you fully leveling the blacks? Pages would look a lot better if stuff that's supposed to be black would be black... also the filesize would probably be smaller.

  2. No, I'll work on magazine scans and re-release the volume batches when they're out.

    I'm not scanning this, so I can't hold it in my hand to see how I should correctly level this. I rather give the scanner, who actually have the physical pages, the benefit of the doubt rather than forcing my leveling on the page.

    The filesize is bigger mostly because the volume scans are 1600p. The scanner decided to be generous, I guess.

  3. You don't need a hard copy of the book to level it correctly...
    Isn't it obvious which parts of the image are supposed to bee black and which white?
    This is how it should look >>>

  4. Well, not all artists make darkest parts #000000. White is always #FFFFFF, but sometimes pure black just contrasts too much.

    Also, leveling changes the grays. Because of that, I stopped using Levels towards the end of the last volume I scanned myself, Pokemon Special 35. I used Curves instead, which was much better in terms of contrast and similarity to the original scan:

    However, I had to hold up the page to adjust the curve. Without the page, I don't want to make a blind guess as to how pure the darkest black is and what the grays look like. As long as white areas are #FFFFFF, I'm fine with the scan.

  5. You can't judge the blackness of the black parts by looking at the rl book, cause there it pretty much depends on how qualitative paper and ink was used by the publisher. :D

  6. That's true, the most you can do is gauge the relative darkness