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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 3

Huh, I never realized how difficult it is to describe Christmas to someone who hasn't spent it before (or doesn't remember).

Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 3
Ryoshka Ryoshka ch 3 PSD source

Also, I received my copy of volume 1, because I want to compensate Mr. ABe for his efforts, after all. However, there are extra short(er) chapters in there between each main chapter. I want to scan them, but I can't bear to see my copy get melted down in this case, so you'll have to wait till October for them (and Pokemon Special 36).

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to everyone who has responded to the call for a new series. I know it's heartbreaking that all of them haven't met the requirements yet, but, honestly, I go through that too when I'm searching on MangaUpdates. Here's a brief list of the most memorable ones I found but ended up rejecting myself:
  • D no Maou - I actually bought a volume, but it was a spy drama mystery with neither spies nor mysteries
  • Tetsujin Dakkan Sakusen - It's a remake of Tetsujin 28-Go by the artist of Kindaichi. At that point, I thought that it was going to be another Pluto, but it ended up...bland. Satou really just refreshed the art and not the story
  • Bucchigiri CA - A manga about ex-yakuza cabin attendants by the author of Mudazumo. It's hilarious...but I only found Chinese scans.
  • Teizokurei Monophobia - No ra-actually, that's not true now, some kind soul on Rawscans uploaded the raws to the first 2 volumes. But the chapters are freaking long at 50-60 pages each, and no one scans Young Ace anymore for some reason
Don't give up! Keep giving me those suggestions!

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  1. thx for the new chap. i think this was the best chap so far, it had everything the lol and cute and sad parts. thx again and cant wait until the next chap.