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Friday, September 17, 2010

Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders ch 2

Ah, my new high score for the slowest day/chapter, this time at whopping 24 days (the previous score was 20 days between Cyber Blue 11 and 12). I'm very sorry for making you guys wait. I'm doing an uncharacteristic thing by sacrificing quantity for quality, because in this series, every single panel could be a clue, even a single sound effect. Therefore, all sound effects are translated. It doesn't help either that these scans are a bunch of unrotated messes with tons of artifacts.

Anyways, shit is finally getting real on this chapter. It goes without saying that none of murders in this series are actually supernatural beings. Keep your eyes open for any clues that will lead you to the real (human) culprit!

Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders ch 2 (MF)
Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders ch 2 (MU)
Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders ch 2 (IF)

Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders ch 2 PSD source (MF)
Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders ch 2 PSD source (MU)
Kindaichi Case Files: The Legendary Vampire Murders ch 2 PSD source (IF)


  1. Woot, thank you!

    A little wait won't kill us, so don't worry about the speed! Not to mention a couple of weeks isn't much of a wait anyway. Thank you so much for your hard work!

  2. That's reassuring to hear. On the bright side, Kindaichi is on break until next summer, so that gives me plenty of time to catch up

  3. Thank you very much for continuing Kindaichi!

    Excellent work with the release! I cannot wait for the next chapter. Are you translating the cases in a random order?

  4. No, I'm translating the NEW series, the cases after 2004 (post-Tantei Gakuen Q)

    IMO, Fumiya's drawing style really matures, and the cases get more...solid. This Vampire case is kinda normal, but the next case, the Third Opera Murders is the best one so far in my opinion.

    The oldest series (File) was just too far away from the current run; I want to have a glimmer of hope of ever catching up. The second series (Case), was rejected for various reasons: Cases 1 and 2 are already translated, 3 is utterly untranslatable, 4 sucks, 5 is mediocre, 6 has a trick that shouldn't work at all, and 7 doesn't have any good scans. That leaves us with the current series, which is pretty good so far. I think you'll enjoy the cases

  5. Oh, and some of older series has been adapted to drama, so you can watch those as well. "Murder on the Magic Express" is the only one that's important to the plot, as it introduces his nemesis

    CrunchyRoll used to have them (which was the only thing I liked them for), but they appeared to have been taken down. I found this link, though you'll have to install the Veoh player to play some of them:

    You can also watch this Vampire case as drama (or anime special, which is subbed), but that will spoil this case, right? The next case is also adapted to an anime special, but it cuts the case short to fit it in one hour, so it's not recommended.

  6. Thank you for the info. I have watched a few episodes of anime, but manga is more enjoyable format and I like the drawing style. So, I will probably be following the manga only. I haven't seen the live action series, though. Is that good? As an initial look the actors seem to look kind of annoyingly strange (sorry).

    I agree that the case of Third Opera Murders is excellent. That's the one I watched as an anime. It had some really good ideas. Luckily, I haven't spoiled the Legendary Vampire Murders case for myself.

    By the way, LiveJournal has a community for Kindaichi fans ( The Kindaichi Project informs their short case releases there. If you want, you could also tell them about your new Kindaichi related releases. I am sure they would be interested in knowing and would probably follow the RSS of your site.

  7. It's been a while since I've last watched the anime and drama, so I don't quite remember, sorry.

    If you liked the Third Opera Murders anime, you will love the manga, since the anime cuts out one of the three murders.

    I have not contacted KAW (subbing Kindaichi anime and translating TGQ) or The Kindaichi Project yet. I think about that, thanks