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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Noririn ch 7

Ah, the art of bicycling on the roads. As a casual cyclist, I always seems to fail at this. Stupid left turns...

On an unrelated note, several changes regarding file hosting will be implemented. As much as I like Mediafire, it isn't the most reliable file host around. Some of you may have realized that too when ALL of MF went down a few days ago. New downloads will now also be available at Megaupload and I hope to eventually get around to moving all ~10GB of old downloads...while I'm still alive.

Furthermore, as School Rumble Fantrad, who is going to retranslate Ryoshka Ryoshka to French, pointed out, RAR compression really cuts down on the size of the PSD source archives. For example, the ZIP of the PSD source for this chapter was 28 MB whereas the RAR is 14 MB. Henceforth, all releases will be uploaded in RAR archives. The effect is smaller for the neuquant-compressed png release, but I assume that everyone can decompress RAR. If not, tell me and I'll offer ZIP releases alongside the RARs.

Noririn ch 7 (MF)
Noririn ch 7 (MU)
Noririn ch 7 (IF)

Noririn ch 7 PSD source (MF)
Noririn ch 7 PSD source (MU)
Noririn ch 7 PSD source (IF)

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