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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cyber Blue: the Lost Children

So...the rumors were true after all. In a coincidence of coincidences, Yoshitoshi Motoki is going to be drawing a remake (not a sequel or spin-off) of Cyber Blue titled "Cyber Blue: the Lost Children"(Cyber Blue: Ushinawareta Kodomotachi). Here's just how bizarre this whole situation is:
  1. A random blogger (dxInt) watched my subs of the Mudazumo OVA, which weren't even subbed by more proper subbers until recently
  2. He contacted me, a noob scanlator, about a 22-year old manga series, among 3 others.
  3. At that time, my Japanese skills weren't as good as it is now, so I had to rely on Chinese scans as a training wheel. It just so happens that Cyber Blue is one of the only 2 series that had Chinese scans, the other being Himizu.
  4. However, I have only ever found Chinese scans on one site and one site only. If that site wasn't there, I would never have picked this up.
  5. Then, I started translating it in April
  6. Due to various circumstances, the projected finish date of Cyber Blue vol 4 is the end of October
  7. The first issue of the BRAND NEW magazine Comic Zenon, containing the remake of Cyber Blue will be out on October 25th.
I now believe in predestination. Ok, so the million dollar question now is: should I pick up this manga, and how so?

Given that Comic Zenon is a monthly, manpower isn't a problem. However, since Comic Zenon is a completely new magazine, the availability of raws is a wild card. Its predecessor, the weekly Comic Bunch wasn't scanned. I'll definitely import the first issue in November as a free preview, but importing it every month costs too much for myself. So, we have several options:
  1. Don't pick up this series: It sucks; it's a waste of my money
  2. Import issues every month, I'll help by donating: If that's the most popular choice, then I'll match your donations 50-50. I have never imported magazine issues before, mainly because bk1 doesn't have manga magazines. Amazon has a $30 base shipping fee, but I'll look for other cheaper online stores.
    On a side note, if you're from another scanlator group, and want to try other series in Comic Zenon too, we can work out an arrangement. Just send me a mail.
  3. Import issues every month...I won't donate, but do it anyways: Well, thanks for the honesty. I'd rather be told this than being left dry without donations.
  4. Wait for scans or volumes: Japanese scanners might pick up Comic Zenon, so wait for those scans. If that fails, wait for the batch volumes to come out.
You don't have to vote now; in fact, you can wait till I release the first chapter in November to make your decision. This is just something I have to start considering now. Comments and suggestions are welcome as always.


  1. The votes almost unanimously disapprove of the scanlation of this manga. Interesting...

  2. Well, being based in /a/, I shouldn't be surprised of some voting shenanigans.
    I don't like to use polls, but I'm ambivalent enough on this issue to roll with what the majority wants.

  3. Don't get me wrong I wasn't suggesting otherwise. I was just surprised that the majority seems against this one.

  4. Yea, I was surprised too. Regardless, I'll import and scanlate the first issue anyways, in case the majority opinion changes or there's another good series in this new magazine.

  5. Cyber blue lost children is translated in english by MyPersonal-scan-

  6. I saw it on M^U. Haven't read his release, though.