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Friday, May 6, 2011

Oriko Magica Plans

Here are the proposed details for the Oriko Magica open scanlation party. All of the details can be changed right now, so don't be afraid to suggest anything right now.


The project will take place on the new backup site, This server also isn't mine; it has locked up for a few minutes twice during this past week when I was testing the note plugin with Jiya, but it's fine otherwise.

The Cat Diary board is open if you want to see what Oriko Magica's board is like. Play around with it, just don't brea-actually, what am I talking about? Break it as much as possible so I can fix the bugs. I know that there's an annoying client-side bug with the photo notes that I haven't gotten around to fixing yet (sometimes, the text area disappears after the note gets selected).


The notes work similarly to those on Danbooru, flickr, and the like. Mouse over them to look at them, click on one to edit it, etc. The "New Note" button is also fixed on the bottom left of the screen so you don't have to scroll all the way up or down to make a new note. There's also a keyboard shortcut for it: "Alt+N".

"Version Management"

I put in a "version management" system. It's actually just uses tags to track progress. This page tracks the progress of all pages with a valid page tag (ex: Oriko_Magica_v01_c01_001). Here are the stages that it tracks.

Obviously, most of these steps will be skipped. For example, most editors will probably just do cleaning and typesetting together later in the game; cleaning is just there because there's no translations to typeset early on. TLC can be skipped if the lines are obvious, or if there isn't any lines at all. There's just a lot of them in order to be flexible.

There are three QC stages in order to try to get three people to QC; each person moves it up a stage. Again, it can be skipped.

Anyways, the left box moves the image horizontally, and the right box uploads a new image with the correct tags for those stages. The same could also be achieved just by modifying the stage_* tag.


I feel hypocritical for saying this, but you'll have to register to use any of the above. While it doesn't keep anyone out, it just takes a few database queries to remove malicious changes if everyone had unique IDs. Thus, I am requiring registration. However, I am by no means trying to keep anyone out. Everyone is invited.


These are proposed standards for translations and typesetting. The goal of this project is fast scans, so some corners are cut, like using the same font family for three styles. Again, don't be afraid to suggest better ones.

  • "魔法少女": Magical Girl
  • "キュゥべえ": Kyuubey
  • Honorifics: yes
  • Name order: original
Everyone has a different way of translating honorifics and keeping or switching name order. To keep things consistent, I propose that we just leave the names as is.

  • Dialog font: AnimeAce 2.0 BB
    • Shouting: Bold
    • Thinking: Italics
  • Scary font: CC Carry On Screaming
Other fonts are up to the typesetters; just make it look good.


Of course, this is just the predicted schedule. No one knows if it will leak or not.
  1. May 10-12: Some vendors may sell it before the listed release date, May 12. Plot spoilers and cam shots of some pages may leak out.

  2. May 10-13: It might take a while for the scanners to get it up. I'll definitely be relentlessly F5-ing regular raw sites:

    Share and PD don't usually get volumes first, but they're good backups. Of course, someone might post the link on /a/ as soon as it comes out, so that's a good place to look as well.

  3. In case I'm AFK when it releases, just do it on /a/. I'll get the board up as soon as possible.

  4. The duration of this project might vary, but I'm thinking that it will take 2-5 days. I'll be putting all of my time and effort into this, and DKThias and others says that they'll help.
  • How will I be credited?
    On M^U: Everyone will be credited as separate groups, with anons grouped into the 4chan group. Ex: "4chan & /a/nonymous scanlations & DKThias & ...". Tell me your group name on M^U if you want me to credit your group.
    Credit Page: I don't really have credit pages (other than the statistics pages), but I'll put in yours if you want.

  • How many volumes will Oriko Magica have?
    Oriko Magica is confirmed to have only two volumes by the summary of the second volume.

  • How will it be released?
    I'm still not decided about this, but I think that we should release by chapter. We could release a v2 batch later if necessary.
Anyways, that's all I have to say for now. Comments and suggestions are welcome.


  1. Dumb question: What about those of us who don't have any translation skills but would like to see everything as it's being translated? Do you mind if we watch, or would you prefer we didn't until the work is done?

  2. @Anon - It's open to the public. I think you're allowed to view it whenever you want. And even if you can't translate anything, there are other tasks.

    As for the site... I would really like it if I could navigate through images well. I'm slightly familiar with the other "booru" sites and such, but... I guess I don't understand how to navigate through images in order, or by anything other than "date." I can't tell which pages go first, next, and last.

  3. @anon: Viewing and commenting is open to public, of course.

    @Juno: I think Shimmie has "prev" and "next" flipped for some reason.

  4. Make it so, when creating a user, creates it for all the boards (aka Cat Diary user and Oriko user is the same). I don't want to continue registrating every time a new project comes around, as it's going to be only a bother in the end.

  5. Hmm, I probably can just copy over the table. Sorry about that; I was in a hurry.

  6. Wait, someone else already registered on the Oriko site, so I can't copy it over.

    I separated the Cat Diary and Oriko boards so they wouldn't get mixed. I'll put future projects under one board.

  7. Okay - I can understand that for the ease of the contributors. I'll register at Oriko later today.