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Sunday, May 15, 2011

good! Afternoon #16 raws

(I really should rescan the cover.)

Don't expect this to be too regular. It costs me quite a bit and only has 700 pages; I might buy it two issues at a time every four months. However, the next issue has two Nanika chapters, so I'll definitely order that. It might get delayed to August due to summer stuff in July.

I'm too lazy to post a translated ToC, so here's the raw ToC:

good! Afternoon #16 raws (IF)
good! Afternoon #16 raws (MU)


  1. Thank you so much I wait the new chapter Mouhitsu Hallucination :)

  2. Thank you for Nanika^^

  3. Thank you very much for sharing the raw scans, I'll be taking this for Nanika!

  4. Hey, I don't suppose you still have the magazine and could rescan a single page?