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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Itoh Junji's Cat Diary ch 2

Some group says that they have this cleaned and translated. However, one thing that I find strange is the fact that they said that they bought the raws themselves. These (pretty good) public raws have been released for six months now, so I wonder how long they took to clean and translate it. Anyways, I'll keep going for now, just in case. If there's only one thing that I've learned so far in scanlation, it's that we scanlators operate in Valve time.

Cleaning by DKThias.

Itoh Junji's Cat Diary ch 2 (IF)
Itoh Junji's Cat Diary ch 2 (MU)
Itoh Junji's Cat Diary ch 2 (4SH)

This whole scanbooru thing has a downside (well, for others): since I'm not doing everything, I can't upload the complete PSD sources. These sources only have the typesetting, which is the important part anyways. If you want the cleaned pages, go to the board.

Itoh Junji's Cat Diary ch 2 PSD source (IF)
Itoh Junji's Cat Diary ch 2 PSD source (MU)


  1. too bad you're not translating the whole diary. i was really starting to enjoy it... but thanks for the first two chapters.

  2. I could upload my PSD's for the next time? Just allow .7z archives or something for upload on anonscans?

  3. Hmm, that might suck too much bandwidth. Just upload it onto mediafire and link to it in the comments right now.

  4. Here you go, for chapter 2 & 3:

  5. Thanks for the chapters !