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Monday, May 16, 2011

Oriko Magica: Final Final Last Plans, Addenum 234

Okay, so finally, after a long delay, here are the plans. On 6PM PST (2AM UTC), I will receive my copy. One hour later, on 7PM PST, I will release the ADF-scanned raws. I know for a fact that they aren't the best raw around, but I'll release flatbed-scanner raws afterward, probably after the scanlation is done. If a cleaner or typesetter wants better raws for, say, merging, just contact me.

Since Yurikai has released chapter 1, chapter 2 and 3 will be our top priorities. I will have them translated before I go to sleep tonight. Whether or not to go back and redo chapter 1 will be decided later.

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