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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oriko Magica Plans - Last Minute Addendum


Spoilers are out. This means that scans will come out anytime soon. I'll be F5'ing scan sites like the Fist of North Star.

Here are a few addendum to the plans:


One deficiency that I forgot about is the lack of order among the finished images. I've made the stage progress page the front page and main page, which might help. I also made the board extension automatically generate pools (upon an admin's command) that are ordered correctly.

I added another shortcut to adding a new note: double-clicking. For some reason, that seems to be a bit buggy.


Font size: In order to make font sizes consistent, try to make your font sizes multiples of 4. That should give most text some wiggle room in size and keep them consistent. However, if you need to make it look good, then make it look good.

The default dialog font size for ch 01a (which was 2000px high), was 24px, so it might be 20px on a 1600px high public raw.

Font: The current title font is Addams with character width set to 150%. This font doesn't have numerals, so you'll have to spell them out in English.


The most important thing is the method of contact. Go to Here's a Mibbit link if you don't have an IRC client. I'll keep everyone updated there. I'll also keep the mini-wiki up-to-date with info.

That's all. Happy scanlating!


  1. Well, this doesn't seem to be going places :/

  2. Hmm, my predictions for when the raws might arrive were too optimistic.