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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Welcome to the Space Show - OCR'd Official Subs

>Everyone complains about how this is never going to get subbed
>Turns out that the DVD/BD includes the official English subs
>Takes 30 minutes to OCR

Oh wow, haha.

I matched up the timing with QTS's BD rip, though I haven't had the chance to watch all of it and find typos and typesetting mistakes. Nevertheless, it should good for the most part. Enjoy.

Update (9:08 PM PST): watched it and fixed most of the minor errors in 0.0.2

Welcome to the Space Show - OCR'd Official Subs 0.0.3

Here's the info on the DVDISO on Share:

[DVDISO][110209] 宇宙ショーへようこそ (R).ISO 8,266,416,128 8bc718a81c427a98475bb1374b515a678490c232

I have no plans to make an archive-worthy release; please wait for other, more competent groups to do that.


  1. ok so how do I download iso? Did search could not find any thing.

  2. Err, you have to learn how to use Share first. Well, it might already propagated to Perfect Dark.

    The tutorials around are all pretty old, but should still work for the most part. You need to be able to open a port manually.

  3. program to old and not in English do you have a torrent file?

  4. I saw one of the premiers of this at Otakon. It was such a great children's movie~<3

  5. No, I only rarely upload torrents, and not on 8GB files. I'm afraid I can't help you there.

  6. /a/non, can you answer me the question that I asked in your previous news but you forgot to reply:

    Are you getting a Shogaku Yonesei PokeSpe chapter this month? You said that you're prioritying tankobon donations over magazine ones. So, does it mean that we won't see a new PokeSpe chapter this month?

    Sorry if I'm being annoying but I'd like to know what I can expect. This month's PokeSpe chapter is really exciting!

    I hope you don't mind the fact that I'm an anon. Not everyone has a Blogger account.

  7. Nice that you'll finish the Kindaichi case. I ask out of curiosity about the OCR. Was the subtitles hard coded? Then with what program you made easily the timed sub file?

  8. The subtitles are VobSub (because that's the only format DVDs can have anyways). I used SubRip, which uses OCR on the VobSub. I also used it on the Professor Layton UK DVD, but this one was more challenging.


  10. Oh, I forgot to add the link to the QTS raw.

    Download that and load the subs.

  11. /a/non, are you ignoring questions from anonymous commenters? If not, why do you refuse to answer my question?

    The answer is simple - yes or no. Not much of a nuissance.

    I'm sorry if I'm being annoying but it's even more annoying to be ignored like this.

  12. Sometimes I just ignore comments that aren't advantageous for me to answer right then or there, anonymous or not. There's a saying in politics: "Silence is power".

    Also, the answer to this question is by no means simple, as you can see in the latest blog post. I didn't want to answer it prematurely in a comment or blog post without a release.

  13. Lastly, I don't mind the comments, but I would prefer that you put the comments under relevant posts.

  14. Thank you for the OCR subs. :3

  15. Thank you for the info and subs nigga!

  16. Could someone reupload the sub file?