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Friday, February 18, 2011

Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 1

I was thinking of using the official title "Puella Magi", but that's incorrect Latin. I'll just settle for "Magical Girl".

I was thinking about waiting a few chapters before making a choice, but with another group eying this as well, I think it's better for me to fire first and question later. Well, if they'd like to set up some alternating or joint agreement, I'd be happy to oblige.

Update: The joint agreement is in place. Future releases will be from Shini-tan with non-watermarked, non-filtered raws from ALMiGHt.

(Note: do not apply my limited wisdom with actual live firearms. Or Latin tests.)

As Shini-tan says, the best raw we have right now is a Perfect Dark raw from a western-style manga scanning group called ALMiGHt, who also scans Dreameater Merry and several other series from the same magazine (Manga Time Kirara Forward). The not-so-obnoxious watermarks don't bother me so much as the denoise filter and possible over-leveling, which is understandable for raws processed for reading. I'm still asking them for non-filtered raws.

Anyways, the main character actually transforms in this series, so it's way more normal. Everyone (?) including me just wrote this off as just a spin-off at first, but then episode 6 happened and shit got real. Things should be more interesting now that the mechanics of the Madoka world are more known.

Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 1 (IF)
Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 1 (MU)
Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 1 (4SH)

Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 1 PSD sources (IF)
Magical Girl Kazumi Magica ch 1 PSD sources (MU)

In regards to other stuff, YA 2011-03 will be scanned this weekend, after being delayed for a week. Both Lying Mii-kun and Route 225 will be finished in a week.

And no, I have no plans to pick up the Madoka manga, especially now that another group is doing it.


  1. Thank you, good /a/non.

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    If by "limited wisdom" you mean the sentence about "incorrect Latin", don't worry, you're right.
    "Magi" is plural (maybe they took it from the Magi System of Evangelion?), so the correct title should have been "Puella Maga Kazumi Magica", meining either "Wizard Girl Magical Kazumi" or "Magical Girl Magic Kazumi".

    1. Actually, it can be translated as "Slave of the Deciver, Kazumi Magica". It's to throw you off.

  3. 'Sup. We don't mind jointing on this, so come join our channel ( and we can discuss or something.

  4. thank you so much! ^^

  5. Can you please fix some of the download links because some of them don't work and Mega Upload is now blocked by the U.S. government. Thanks

  6. Thanks a lot! This finished off my collection of Kazumi Magica!