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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

February 2011: Misc.

I feel like I need to address some things now.


I'm very happy that donations are this far ahead, and hope that they keep coming in. One note I would like to make is about Pokemon Special donations. Pokemon Special donations can go towards buying volumes or Shogaku Yonensei issues. I advise all donors to be specific about where the donations should be distributed. I am greedy and will prioritize using donations for volumes rather than Shogaku Yonensei.


I will usually distribute all raws that I scan. Because of size and bandwidth restrictions (no, I will not make torrents for raws), I can only distribute 1600p (~220 dpi for volumes, ~160 for magazines) for some of them. If you want higher quality raws, contact me, and give me the desired resolution (350 dpi max) and the specific range of pages. My e-mail address is written near the top of the page towards the right.

Derivative Manga: PSG and Fractale

I translate a few chapters of series like Panty & Stocking and Fractale in order to get an idea of what the series is like. In case you're still being trolled by Sankaku (well, it's entirely possible that it wasn't a troll, given that it's Sankaku), Fractale is an original anime whose manga happened to have started its serialization first. Hence, I wanted to see what both series were like and have no intentions of continuing.

I also had no intention of making this to be an issue, but apparently some people still being trolled by Sankaku and Spanish fansubbing groups who were usually my translations don't want me to stop. Hence, I will spell my policy out here, as I had for a gazillion times.

In order for me to consider a derivative manga, it needs to have fulfilled one of the following:
  1. No one is translating the original work. If you can't find English fansubbers doing Fractale, then you're just plain blind. Also, Funimation seems to have "worked out" their issues.
  2. The plot has to deviate significantly. The standard is set at the Eureka Seven manga. Note that I consider plot, not character design, art style, etc.
If it has fulfilled one of these two, then it's added to my long list of manga that I want to scanlate. Let me tell you: I have tons of other series that I want to scanlate.

I do this in order to save my precious time and effort. I would rather translate new stuff that I enjoy translating for no readers rather than old stuff for incompetent fansubbing groups and the few people who still go to Sankaku for news.

Since the novel isn't translated, I wanted to pick up Moshidora's manga adaptation for Spring, but I don't want to have to import a biweekly (Super Jump). Madoka's manga adaptation has a decent chance of fulfilling part 2.

Dependent Groups

I do believe in open source (the ideology, not the shitty software). Hence, I upload pretty much all of my sources to save time effort in typesetting and cleaning for other groups who wish to use my releases, because they would just edit my releases if I don't give them the sources anyways. However, I must advise all groups that depend on my source to not depend on my Japanese-to-English translations. I make mistakes, and hence you will make the same mistake if you depend on my translations. Please, get Japanese translators of your own.


Miscellaneous news about various series:
  1. Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: Putin and Koizumi got figures in WF 2011 Winter. Still don't know when the series resumes.
  2. Pokemon Special: Ruby and Sapphire arc will get 3 wide releases in the next months. I will import and scan a better raw, but I will neither typeset nor lead a project to typeset them. Get your own group.
  3. Kaibutsu Oujo: Slowpoke here, but volume 14 comes out next month with the Princess Express OVA.

The rough schedule for the next months will be like this:
  1. now to late February: wrap up Route 225, finally do that Lying Mii-kun and Broken Maa-chan redo.
  2. late February to mid-March: finish up Kindaichi 38 (no plans for further cases), do Jiya. Meanwhile, import Pokemon Special vol 38 (Feb 26).
  3. mid-March: do Kaibutsu Oujo vol 14, Pokemon Special vol 38.
  4. mid-March to early April: translate Nanika while waiting for Mudazumo vol 6 (Mar 26) and Pokemon Special RS Wide vol 1 (Mar 26).
  5. early April: do Mudazumo vol 6.


  1. So, are you getting Shogaku Yonesei this month or you ain't got enough money?

    This month's PokeSpe chapter is really epic. It shows N's coronation! It'd be such a shame if you don't scan it.

  2. Question: What exactly is a "wide release"?

    This is the first time I've heard of such a thing the anime Dawn decided to go to Hoenn to do contests and now the Ruby and Sapphire chapter is getting a "wide release"


  3. actually first time i heard about a wide release also lol and hurray for pokemon woo can't wait

  4. the thing about the "wide releases" was posted in the official website before:

    I think that the RS arc was chosen by its popularity.

  5. Wide releases are larger (A5, not B6) and longer:

    I think each wide volume will have 450 pages or something like that.

  6. I feel that it is "an innuendo" to us, hehe... Well, if we bother you with PSG, we feel it, it was not our intention. We think to make the chapters that are absent "by our own", in spite of having no translations nor know Japanese. We will see what goes out for us.
    And I mention to you that we are in "good mood" with "Liying Mii-kun..."; we hope to publicate the chapter 1 soon.

  7. I wasn't particularly aiming at you. There was really a Spanish fansubbing group who wanted me to translate the Fractale manga as a crutch for their fansubbing.

  8. Will you also scan Pokemon BW chapter of this month. I love your scans. Thank you.

  9. I believe the first volume of Madoka follows the anime but starting from volume 2 it's going to deviate. I actually think Madoka has a better chance of fulfilling rule 1 rather than rule 2 since I can't seem to a group doing it. With that being said are you talking about the one that has the same characters as the anime or Kazumi Magica, or both?

  10. Rule 1 applies to the same series in all mediums. A better summation of both rules is: "I only care about series whose plot isn't already translated or being translated at a decent pace, regardless of medium".

    We'll see if volume 2 is really different next month. Episode 6 made me more interested in Kazumi, but the cam raw from the thread was impossible to clean. I'll keep an eye on it. Oriko Magica might have a good chance.

  11. Oh, and I'm aware of the few dialog differences (Mami's wish, Homura talking about how Madoka forgot). That's not enough.