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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Online Manga Downloader 0.0.5

Much overdue update:
  • Fixes a bug with manual refreshing. I forgot to update the timestamp after it merges the data together.
  • Completely revises the YAML export and import mechanism. Memory usage and code redundancy are greatly reduced.
  • Adds two new sites:
The new data files are incompatible with the previous versions, so it's "manga_download_info_2.yml" now.

Anyways, other than the rest of Famitsu, it seems that the rest of online manga are a) way more difficult (CroquetTime plugin, Jump Square's special viewer) or b) insignificant. CroquetTime is an ActiveX plugin that's used more for non-free online magazines. Since it's binary, one would have to trace it through a disassembler or something. I can't do x86 assembly for my life, unfortunately.

Since this is written in Java, I'll probably try converting this to JNLP/Web Start so you don't have to redownload the program every time I update.

Online Manga Downloader 0.0.5 (4SH)

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