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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Pokemon Special BW ch 04

Houston, we have a problem. I edited the line out of the release because I don't want to cause panic, but the Black and White serialization in Shogaku Yonensei has ended. Now is a good time for me to eat my own words. I will open up the possibility of scanning future or current issues of CoroCoro Ichiban! and Pokemon Fan. The problem lies in the money.

Fortunately, I have been in contact with my Chinese counterparts, 时代汉化组. Their Japanese-to-Chinese translator lives in Japan, so getting raws would be easy and cheap...if we had a way of transferring money. It turns out that transferring money between the US and China is pretty much impossible without exorbitant fees. We're still negotiating, but it looks like I'll scan one magazine while they scan another, and we'll just exchange raws rather than money.

Nevertheless, I want you, my "stockholders", to think up of a backup plan in case the worst-case scenario happens and we fail to establish a trade deal. CoroCoro Ichiban comes out every other month, and Pokemon Fan comes out every month on average. Both are not available on fujisan; thus, Amazon is our only option, and the shipping for that starts at 3000 yen. Choose wisely.

(By the way, I have to wait another month in order to cancel the fujisan order on Shogaku Yonensei. That will not cost anything towards the balance.)

Speaking of Chinese counterparts, I'm setting up a Chinese blog for people who can't view this website. It seems that it's unnecessary right now, as 时代汉化组 just released this chapter as well, but it may prove to be useful in the future. Pokemon Special download links will now use 115 as the third mirror instead of 4shared. All links on 115 are temporary (31 day duration) unless otherwise specified.

Pokemon Special BW ch 04 2400p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 04 2400p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 04 2400p (115)

Pokemon Special BW ch 04 1200p (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 04 1200p (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 04 1200p (115)

Pokemon Special BW ch 04 PSD source (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 04 PSD source (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 04 PSD source (115)

Pokemon Special BW ch 04 raw (IF)
Pokemon Special BW ch 04 raw (MU)
Pokemon Special BW ch 04 raw (115)


  1. Corocoro is also going to become monthly in it's...June issue I think it was...

  2. thank you very much.
    i had two university exams today, now i can read this and relax^ ^
    have a nice weekend!

  3. Uhm, no, I am not helpful in the least (being a student just before her final exams known as A-levels and therefore having no time to earn money for the future (like donating) REALLY doesn't help. D:

    But I still don't want to leave without a word and while it doesn't help the situation with teh RAWs and stuff, I thank you so very much for the scanlation of this chapter. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  4. /a/non, What if this arc becomes serialized in another magazine, like Shougaku Gonensei or Shougaku Rokunensei? Do you think that it's possible? Anyways, thank you for this chapter and all your effort!!

  5. I'm not so helpful in this sort of thing, back-up plan wise, but I have a stupid idea. In terms of money, converting 3000 yen to dollars is around $35? In British Pounds that's only £22ish, so maybe you could negotiate with a British person on the money matters, since it would not cost as much for them?

    That's only if your first plan fails, which I really hope it doesn't T__T;
    Thank you for this release, though ;w;

  6. I just want to note that on page 15 when Black is addressing his bird Pokemon, you have still typed "Right!? Poka", should've been "War" instead of "Poka" am I wrong? Just in case you want to edit that at some point or so. (and for some reason I can't post with LJ this sorry for being annoying again :D)

  7. Does this mean you'll also Scanlate the first 2 chapters that were published in CoroCoro Ichiban?

  8. I said future and current, but if you want to kill this by wasting money that way, I don't mind.

  9. @Javier: I would just ignore it or ask 时代汉化组 if they could scan it.

    @9:35 Anonymous: It doesn't quite work that way, and I can't choose my donors anyway.

    @Celestie: Oops, my bad.

  10. Thank you alot. Your scans are like always first class.

  11. Yeah, the scans look great.
    Going to point out the bottom left of page 13, "Pokemon can only unhappiness together with humans." There's bound to be a verb there that was missed, though it isn't a very large mistake, since you can still get the meaning.

  12. What? Sho4 serialization of PokeSpe has ended? So quickly?

    Really, that sucks so majorly. I hoped that with CoroCoro Ichiban becoming monthly, they'd be able to catch up and develop BW into a great arc. But with only two magazines (and only one of them monthly), BW is going to end just like Platinum and HGSS - cut-short, uninteresting and with a rushed ending. That's so bad.

    I hoped that PokeSpe would be able to return to its old, good quality. But it's impossible if they're reducing the number of magazines. Old arcs were so awesome because they ran in three monthly magazines simultaneously. But since Sho5 and Sho6 were ceased, the downfall of PokeSpe's quality has begun.

    Still, thanks for the scans, /a/non. We're really appreciating your work. You're giving Pokemon fans something that they've always only dreamed of. Thanks to your fantastic PokeSpe scanslations and Dogasu's monthly summaries of other Pokemon titles, the manga is not the obscure part of Pokemon world anymore.

    I personally think that the chapters in CoroCoro Ichiban are more interesting. But it's something that might change in the future, depending on how the BW Saga develops. Also, I'm not donating so I guess my voice doesn't matter...

    Also, can't you make a deal with those Chinese translators? You'd be buying one magazine and they'd be buying the other one. You'd exchange scans and translate them to your respective languages. This way everybody wins.

    Captcha: sedot. Lawl, almost like Seedot.

  13. Volume releases, volume releases, volume releases, anon that just commented.

  14. I am willing to click on any ad you have ten times if it helps.

  15. Volume releases.

    So what?

    They must have everything serialized in magazines first. Volume releases don't help anything. If the magazine release is bad, the volume release will be bad too.

    They can't put too much material directly-to-magazine.

    Really, too many people believe that Platinum and HGSS will be expanded to long and action-filled arces in volume releases. I'm sorry but it's not gonna happen. Two additional chapters is all they can do. These arces will still be rushed and the unsatisfactory HGSS ending will still be there. Endings won't change.

  16. What are you talking about?

    The entire Emerald Chapter never had a proper ending until it was finished in volume 29 (It ended when the dex holders were freed from their stone prison)

    Second, the Platinum chapter hasn't even had an end. This gaurantees that it'll be finished when it comes to volumes.

    And there are plot holes in the HGSS chapter that need fixing. You know what will fix them? Volume release...

  17. Ohmy, /A/non-sama, I have not dropped by in a while. I'll be taking this chapter. I'll drop by later if I have complai-er, suggestions. Thanks a lot. :)

  18. I'm back, there are only 2 things that bugged me (aside from the error that Celestie said).
    First was on page 13, when N said "pokemon can only unhappiness together with humans" when it should have been something like "pokemon can only find unhappiness together with humans". The second was on page 15, when Black said "I was order by a great professor..." when it should have been "ordered".

    That's all, I think, sorry for being a grammar-nazi.

  19. All errors have been duly noted. Thanks.

  20. Let me ask something:

    Is Pokemon BW arc something after DP (who haven't finished yet) and after HGSS? And HGSS is the arc after DP?
    And DP finishes with volume 38?

    Thanks in advance.

  21. Please do not mistake me for Bulbapedia or Wikipedia

  22. Didn't know about the site. Thanks for the answer.

  23. Hello a/non

    First of all, I would like to thank you for your big and beautiful and amazing work ^^ You're really impressive, if it was me, I would have dropped all these projects from the start :p
    Are you human ? Seriously, you are great, keep the hard work because you make some guys very happy (like me).
    Well well, actually I'm one of your french fan and I would like to ask you if I could use your raws to make a french scanlation of Pokémon Adventure ? Although I'm still a beginner in scanlation. Of course, I'll credit you in each chapter with the url of your blog.
    But, if you don't want, I'm okay with this, I promise I won't use your raw then.
    Thanks and thank you again for all your work.

    One of your big french fan who supports you.

  24. There's already a French scanlation in progress here.

  25. Oh yeah that's true >_<
    Sorry, I knew this site but I couldn't acces to it for many months so I thought the site was dropped...
    Well, never mind, I'll keep support both team. Thanks again for all your work !

  26. Hi /a/non, according to netkun's update this month, seem like Pokemon BW still continue in Sho4, just a shift of storyline (I guess, from N to gym battle).

    Hopefully, you can continue working with this.

    And as always, thanx for your wonderful job

  27. oops, link here (expired by April 1st XD)