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Sunday, February 27, 2011

March 2011

Update: Kazumi ch 2 arrived; it will take precedence over 7o3x. Also, PS 38 is about arrive and will face the wrath of my iron and/or hairdryer this weekend. Stay tuned.

The next month will look like this:
  1. 7o3x ch 4
  2. Kazumi ch 2 (depends on when the raw provider sends us the raw)
  3. Noririn ch 17 (magazine raw)
  4. Kindaichi Case Files vol 38 ch 4-8
  5. 7o3x ch 5 (depends on when the issue arrives)
  6. Pokemon Special vol 38
  7. Jiya ch 1-3
That's not including Kaibutsu Oujo vol 14, which is coming out on March 9th, and any other joint projects.

The intention is to schedule Pokemon Special vol 38 during Spring Break so I can kill it quickly. The volume just shipped from bk1, so raws will be up in a week or so. However, Kindaichi Case File will preempt Pokemon Special in case I haven't finished it in 3 weeks or so.

In regards to the magazine subscription of Pokemon Special, just imagine this: you're in a Japanese underwater theme park built by a joint Japanese-German pharmaceutical company that has been cut off from the outside world and contaminated by a deadly disease. I am your holographic AI attendant/chief engineer. As long as the crushing reality of international shipping fees haven't destroyed us, I will work my hardest at keeping this going as long as possible. I'm still working things out with PM2K, so it might take a while for the next chapter to arrive.


  1. How long did it take you to think that scenario up?

    No news on Mudazumo part 2 huh? Putin for main character.

  2. ...I love you for the Ever17 comparison. ...and no, I won't start with babbeling, now or I'll never stop. Just a side question I really don't expect to be answered because it's just out of pure, simple curiosity and really doesn't have to do with anything otehr than been linked to Ever17 in a way. Ever tried out Remember11?

    On another note, how is it now? So say, you can't manage to overcome the problems (that I still haven't grasped in full yet, except the part that it's getting expensive one way or another), can you still normally buy the volumes when they come out (whenever that will be)?

  3. I have absolutely no idea what I just imagined

    But I hope everything works out in the end


    I cannot wait for volume 38 raws

    My brain will explode from all the plot twists that I al..ready..spoil....ed

    Well, that lessens the impact a little..oh well

  4. Did you forget about the batch of mii-kun and maa-chan?

  5. My VN power level is rather low; I'm planning on eventually getting to the rest of the Infinity series.

    Anyways, we probably need a few months to get into rhythm. There's no monetary balance to keep our relation in a quantifiable value, you know. It has to be some kind of continuous give-and-take bartering cycle.

    @9:35PM Anon: Well yea, that's because I already released it.

  6. Wait a sec.

    Do I see a Shogaku Yonesei update on Netkun website?

    Yes... It's clearly there.

    Is it an error on the site, or they lied in previous issue?

  7. I love Kindaichi:X. Very happy you pick it up again.

  8. Curious. It says 2011-03 even though that was the issue released in February. It might just be a mistake. Whatever, the issue will come anyways since I can't cancel the subscription within 3 months.

  9. Just found your site. WOW. I've been looking all over for places to find the Pokémon Special good quality scanlations, and this appears to be it!
    Just one question, though, because I know you've got a busy schedule, and I don't want to delay you from getting to your work -- I can't find a chapter list for Pokémon Special volume 38. Do you think you could post it, please? You would have my undying gratitude!

    Looking forward to hours upon hours of exciting reading,
    Gabriel Benamy

  10. So /a/non, you still do Pkm BW this month with Sho4 chapter? \\o//

  11. Just got the volume. 413-416 is DP, and 417-422 is Platinum.

    I'm still very skeptical about the Shogaku Yonensei chapter.

  12. What are your plans for Pokemon ReBurst, if any?

  13. Here is the post that I should've posted last feb. 28, but a) I couldn't post it because I was on my iTouch b) was too lazy to get my laptop and c) forgot over time.

    "Roflol. That scenario made me lol. Too bad I couldn't relate to it. My knowledge on those kinds of things are suckish. Anyways, looking forward to your future releases. Hope you do well as always. I'll be here grammar-nazi-ing as always~"

    (I made a screen shot on my iTouch)