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Friday, April 9, 2010

Rainbow Ep 1 Sub Draft (up to 6:00)

Inspired by X Nebula's Night Raid sub, I started a Rainbow sub. After 6 minutes through, I realized that I suck at subbing. I will probably ask the Chinese subbing KTXP to lend me their subs so I don't have to time it myself.

In any case, here's the first 6 minutes if I eventually choose to abandon it, or if someone else wants to pick it up.
Rainbow Ep 1 Sub Draft (up to 6:00)

It's translated mostly with the first chapter of the manga, with Chinese-to-English filling in the rest. I'm horrible at spoken Japanese, so some of the retranlations may be inaccurate.
Rainbow Manga

Edit: Oh, and can anyone direct me to tutorials on timing and styling? Thanks

Edit 2: "We are recruiting a TLC for RAINBOW. Translation is almost complete, as is editting and typesetting and other misc. stuff."

I guess applying for Commie's Rainbow TLC sounds easier, nvm lol.

Edit 3: Apparently, the position is filled (?). nvm, I guess. I hope they release soon

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