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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kaibutsu Oujo Chapter 39 script, volume importing, near future

Chapter 38 script had a bit of a misnumbering near the end. Here's the updated script along with a new chapter script

Kaibutsu Oujo 38 script v2
Kaibutsu Oujo 39 script

[Image removed at Mike's request]

On the next order of business, I finally ordered the manga volumes, through the awesome Mike. He suggested that I use bk1 instead of Amazon Japan, which worked out fantastically, since the estimated shipping is only 2000-2300 yen for this order. Here's a guide I found on ordering from bk1. Er, ignore the domain name. I swear, it's a comprehensive guide on importing and scanning manga. People who are into those stuff should be experts on this anyways.

All in all, a projected $43 out of $51 of donation money will be used.

Anyways, the orders are Mudzumo volume 4 and Pokemon Special volumes 34 and 35. Since they're running series, they'll preempt Cyber Blue and Hanako when choosing the next volume. It just so works out that Hanako volume 3 will end by the time Pokemon Special 34 will arrive, about a week from now. Here's the approximate changeover schedule for the next few volumes.

April May June July August
Slot 1 Cyber Blue vol 1 Cyber Blue vol 2 Mudazumo 4 Vacation Cyber Blue vol 3
Slot 2 Hanako to Guuwa vol 3 Pokemon Special vol 34 Pokemon Special vol 35 Hanako to Guuwa vol 4 [END]
Slot 3 Kaibutsu Oujo Kaibutsu Oujo [END] (at least, the overdue chapters)

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