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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pokemon Special vol 34 Raw

Well, here's the entire volume, fresh from my hairdryer and scanner. I only ask of you to...not attribute me in any way. Seriously, this activity is (more) illegal (than the regular scanlation). What kind of fucking idiots would want to put watermarks on their raws?

I also want you to spread this raw as much as possible, on Perfect Dark, Share, Winny, the works, so it's harder to find the origin.

The images have been mostly unprocessed other than the dust removal filter. However, since it weighed at a hefty 260MB, here's the resized 1200px height raws (66MB).

Pokemon Special vol 34 Raw (1200h)
Pokemon Special vol 34 Raw (unresized)


  1. Hey are you going to scanlate this? I'm really anxious to read it :S

  2. Yea, ETA 1 week, right after I finish Hanako

  3. Ok thanks. Looking forward to it :)

  4. Thanks for the upload. :3

    By any chance, do you know where to get raws of the older volumes?

  5. No :<. Some of the older volumes are scanned directly from the official English (Singaporean) translation, so I doubt there are raws out there for those volumes.